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Authority Heating & Cooling Customer Success Story

Authority Heating & Cooling is a one-stop premier HVAC Company. At Authority Heating & Cooling, Expert technicians are trained in all aspects. It includes service, installation, renovation, and replacement of commercial and residential HVAC applications.

The beginnings

Anthon has been in this line of work for 14 years. He started it on his own and over the years he has been able to build the company to around a strength of 24-25 members. It has been a remarkable journey for him and we will know more on what were the changes he brought in his business to work efficiently and grow his business.

Initially, when he started the business they were using just the QuickBooks software for accounting. As they expanded they started facing issues with the invoicing and also managing the sync up with the QuickBooks so they brought in an alternative software into their business ecosystem.

But they felt that the pricing of the platform was taking a hit on them. And they wanted a software solution which would be much more affordable and also help in getting the invoicing done right at the house of the customer.


Now they came across the SmartServ platform – which offered all the premium features that the previous platform was offering. It was presented at much affordable pricing. It was more of an investment rather than an expense to them.
The best part about was on-field invoicing. They felt that the on-field invoicing was something that was working out really well for the technicians on the field. It made the work a lot easier as it gets synced with Quickbooks seamlessly and there is no need of double-entry anymore.

This helped in reducing manual hours that would be otherwise not required. Customer Support is another aspect that has been really great and has been working well for them. Every time they call, there is someone who will always answer the phone and help them out.

Authority heating is really happy with the 24/7 live support that they have been receiving. It is one of the key values that the SmartServ delivers to their customers. Another interesting feature that Authority heating has found useful is the maintenance sheets/forms that they need for their business. They need to make a call and it gets done and emailed to them in no time.

So to summarise, Authority heating has seen an improvement in 3 aspects:

  • The ability to get the invoicing done by the technicians on the field has been a turnaround in their business operations.
  • The 24/7 customer service support is something that was missing before and the support team has been great at SmartServ in helping out with any kind of queries or issues they face.
  • These factors have ultimately led to time-saving and as the saying goes “Time is money”. This is something that is valued the most by every business owner.

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