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A guide to choose the BEST HVAC tools in 2022: The Essential, Safety, and Advanced tools

Starting as an HVAC service technician will require a particular skill set as well as the proper tools to be successful. Being equipped with the necessary, reliable, and durable and the best tools for HVAC technicians is essential for faster, safer, and higher quality service.

You will need a distinctive toolkit for your daily tasks, installations, service calls, marketing, invoicing, or quoting. One should also not take unnecessary items since technicians have to carry their loaded bags around for all their jobs.
So how do you know what are the best HVAC tools?

The tools you choose will depend on the type of work, so you need to know the process. Please find the most common jobs and their details and select tools that best complement your techniques.
Size and weight also are essential factors to consider; try to ensure that the equipment you buy is easy to carry around and won’t cause you strain over time.
Lastly, the HVAC tools list also includes other essentials like safety gear, multi-use tools, ladders, and more. Make certain that you carry not only HVAC power tools but also HVAC service tools and safety tools.

In this guide you will cover:

  • HVAC safety tools
  • Essential HVAC tools
  • Advanced HVAC tools
  • HVAC business tools

This HVAC technician tools list will help you equip yourself with the best HVAC tools in 2022!

HVAC safety tools and accessories every tech needs to carry

Every technician’s tool bag will be different from their fellows, but some tools fall under the standard category.
These are the must have HVAC tools:

  • Gloves

Durable and flexible for better protection.

  • Earplugs

To lessen the exposure to loud noises while working with HVAC power tools.

  • Safety goggles

It protects you from dust, particles, and debris while at your job and thus also gives you an enhanced vision.

  • Footwear

It is always prudent to own a pair of heavy steel toe work boots with a proper grip. These will protect your feet from a potential accident and help you navigate the workplace.

  • Masks

For covid safety protocols as well as PPE.

  • Multimeter

This essential tool allows you to measure voltage, resistance, and current, a crucial HVAC technician safety tool. It keeps you from getting electrocuted.

  • Inspection mirror

These mirrors make it easy to read numbers or inspect welding joints on the back of a pipe that are difficult to make out.

  • Utility knife

Utility knives will come in handy frequently on a day to day basis for cutting insulation and open boxes.

Essential HVAC tools a tech should never leave home without!

These HVAC tools are most commonly used and are also known as HVAC hand tools.

  • Hammers

Lightweight, easy-grip, fiberglass construction are a few features that an HVAC technician tool should have. It increases its durability and convenience.

  • Screwdrivers

Units, vents, thermostats, and most of the things you deal with as an HVAC technician need screwdrivers. So it’s imperative that you keep a screwdriver set with a wide range of sizes.
Insulated handles to protect you from shock so that you could invest in those as well.

  • Pliers

Drilling holes and remote connections are just a couple of activities in HVAC services that require pliers like wire strippers, linesmen, channel-lock, open-face and needle-nose.
An insulated plier set would also increase its longevity.

  • Tape measure

The ability to read and procure accurate measurements is crucial for technicians, especially HVAC ones, with all the air conditioners, walls, vents, and furnaces to measure.
It is why a tape measure is a toolkit essential.

  • Adjustable wrenches

These adjustable wrenches are essential for your daily work since they give you much flexibility. Acquiring the small, medium, and large sizes will only make your toolkit all the more invincible.

  • Flashlight

Now, this is a no-brainer! We don’t even leave our house usually without a built-in torch or a flashlight application on our phones! So a technician should most definitely have one in their tool bag.
A headlamp might be a good option for work that requires both hands.

  • Battery-powered drills

HVAC technicians should equip themselves with cordless drills and two batteries for time efficiency.

  • Pipe wrench

These are handy on threaded pipes, usually galvanized steel, black iron, or similar metal pipes. They are also used to secure connections for natural gas and plumbing. A pro tip would be to use aluminum handle wrenches that weigh a lot less.

  • Cutters

Technicians will need these to cut copper and PVC pipes and tubes.

  • Staple gun

These help secure joists and foil lines to increase the necessary airflow.

  • Crimpers and awls

Crimpers and awls help us work the piping and metal to fit everything in the space carved out for the HVAC system.

  • Extension cords

These are very useful for plugging in electronics, lights, and appliances

Advanced HVAC tools a tech needs to get the job done.

Moving on to the tools that are a bit more technical, advanced, and expensive, they also are important. HVAC companies usually provide such equipment to ensure their proper working conditions.

  • Thermometer

Technicians use thermometers to measure the temperature of the liquid line, suction line, discharge air temperature, and other points of interest in the refrigerating systems.

  • Reciprocating saw

What makes these saws valuable is that they cut through just about anything. It would be best to choose models with a high build quality that allow you to use them daily.

  • Manifold gauge

It is a gauge that can work as a diagnostic or a service tool. It checks the pressure and tells technicians if the system faces issues for addressing.

  • Caulking gun

This gun seals and fills ducts and holes. One should also remember to purchase the dripless caulking gun!

  • Coil fin straightener

As the name suggests, this tool straightens and cleans coils. It helps in attaining better airflow and heat exchange.

  • Core removal

These enable technicians to remove the service valve and reinstall it without losing refrigerant or vacuum. They also allow you to connect various service tools, including digital vacuum gauges, instream thermometers, or service valve re-threading tools.

  • Nitrogen regulator

They control and regulate the flow and amount of high-pressure gasses released at once in a cylinder.

  • Leak detectors

Electronic leak detectors detect indications of refrigerants in the exterior of HVAC systems.

  • Psychrometers

A psychrometer measures the relative humidity in the atmosphere through two thermometers. They also measure the airflow and the air mixture.

  • Thermal imaging tools

One of the valuable tools used during HVAC inspections, these tools help diagnose and monitor potential problems with the HVAC equipment; they locate air leaks in the building envelope, water leaks, electrical issues, and more.

  • Refrigerant scale

It helps to address accuracy issues by measuring the weight of the refrigerant while it is added to or removed from the unit’s compressor.

  • Pumps

A vacuum pump removes gas, vapors, and other contaminants from refrigeration systems after refrigerant recovery and repair of cooling systems.

Tools a tech needs to manage the business

While the right skills and tools do take you closer to being successful in your service, managing your HVAC business optimally is also a crucial aspect of this industry. We provide you with a list of business tools you can utilize to learn more about business management.

  • HVAC field service management software

Since everything is digital, using software to manage and grow your HVAC business is essential to keep up with the competition. You can read up and learn all about it here.

  • Accounting software

A good accounting software will help you handle salaries, and balance your books, which will in turn increase your business growth.

  • Payment software

The electronic payment methods make it easy for you to conduct transactions with your customers or suppliers. Thus improving work efficiency.

Download the tools list and keep it on your phone.
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