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Call Dispatch Software for field service contractors


Call Dispatch Software for Field Service Contractors

Every time a phone rings in your back office, your dispatcher needs to be prepared to convert the call into a job. The responsibility is more than what it may seem. Most callers get an impression of the business within the first seven seconds of a phone call. Besides, it is not wrong to believe that those seven seconds determine a missed opportunity or a new customer.

Except, how about knowing in advance who is calling? Having the customer name, address, job history, and more details provides an edge to the dispatcher while communicating with an existing customer. If it is a new customer, greet them by name and take them by surprise with personalized interaction.

As per internal research by SmartServ, the team noticed that most field service businesses have at least five calling numbers. One of our clients has 24 calling numbers! It highlights how important it is to manage each call efficiently.

Thus, for starters, this is where a call dispatch software pitches itself in the system. At the same time, it has way more to offer than the basic phone system.

How does a call dispatch software work?

With every incoming call, a call dispatch software helps dispatchers in:

  1. Accommodating incoming jobs
  2. Speeding up the scheduling process
  3. Quickly assigning the right technician for the job
  4. Communicating the right tools and information to the technician
SmartCall - Call Dispatch Software

Going beyond the usual call dispatch software with SmartCall

  • Effective first impressions.

    When a call comes in, SmartCall – call dispatch software tracks the caller’s name, address, job history, maintenance contracts, estimates, invoices, and more related to the phone number. Thus, users do not have to go through the past records every time. And, the dispatcher gets enough information, or at least the name to greet (for a new caller), even before picking up the call.

  • Auto filling caller’s data.

    Further, it auto-populates the data and helps the dispatcher to ask the right questions. It saves time, speeds up the scheduling process, and improves the customer experience. The customer on the other side of the call feels heard and senses that you understand their problem. Feeling relatable can never go out of style.

  • Handling multiple calls at the same time.

    Moreover, SmartCall call dispatch software helps the dispatcher manage multiple calls at once. He or she can forward the calls to any other dispatcher or back-office member.

  • Call recording.

    The dispatcher can also record every call. It helps them to go back and listen to the call any time they need to or for future use.

  • Track dispatchers’ performance.

    Additionally, when a field service business has more than one dispatcher, it helps track their individual performance and know who is booking the most calls.

  • Multitask without any hassle.

    The dispatchers can also write notes, create tickets, navigate to another website, and the call will still be on simultaneously. Moreover, these notes will automatically save to SmartServ field service management software.

  • Mark status for every job.

    For outgoing calls, the dispatchers can call the technicians, customers, or equipment vendors and mark the status for each call with an instant pop-up. SmartCall helps dispatchers reduce the data input time by at least 30%

  • Work from anywhere.

    SmartCall service call tracking software is built to remove all the pain points affecting the operational productivity of a field service business. Thus, the team ensured it is accessible at all times regardless the SmartServ field service management software is open in the system. The dispatchers do not have to be on their desks to attend to incoming or outgoing calls, and they can multitask while on the phone. For instance, the dispatchers can order equipment or browse different websites with the floating dialer.

  • Track marketing campaigns.

    Apart from operational efficiency, SmartCall service call management software also enables users to track the marketing campaigns and know what is working best for them. Identifying which campaign is getting the business most attention and calls can help save and double the revenue.

List of benefits from using SmartCall Call Dispatch Software

  • Effective first impressions

  • Recording every call

  • Monitoring conversations & improving pitch

  • Quick scheduling

  • No desk-dependency

  • Tracking marketing campaigns

  • Identifying best performing dispatchers

  • Multitasking with floating dialer

  • Reduced manual work

  • and more!

SmartServ, known as the best for ease-of-use, is an all-in-one cloud-based field service software that equips your business towards operational efficiency by streamlining the workflow. Schedule jobs in seconds, dispatch effectively, track team performance, shorten the payment cycle, enhance the customer experience, and much more. For a personalized demo, claim your free session today at

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