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Diamond Heat & Cool Website Success story

The Diamond Heat & Cool website project overview:

Diamond Heat & Cool has been a longtime client at SmartServ. They have seen our company’s robust backend development and evolved phases and have stayed by our side.
Intrigued by SmartServ’s subdivision, FieldSolutions concept, where we aim to provide marketing and digital solutions to field service management contractors, Diamond Heat & Cool signed a contract with us to revamp their website. They wanted to increase their social outreach to multiply their business revenue.
We redesigned their existing website, which had outdated and insubstantial content. By reducing the data on the website, we could reduce the load time and make the website mobile-friendly.
Diamond Heat & Cool desired to make its website functional, minimalist and stylish while still adhering to its foundational beliefs and concepts.
We kept the logo unchanged but upgraded the website designs and colour schemes

What are the pain points that we were able to address?

We identified that the website was outdated, insufficient, and inconvenient due to a heavy load time. There was limited information on what the Diamond Heat & Cool business provided.
Our team assessed that the website needed more information on its services and a personal touch by uploading media of their work in the communities. The website also needed a clean and minimalistic look.

Darien, the Diamond Heat & Cool CEO, started the business 17 years ago and has been in the HVAC industry for 25 years. With the evolving times, he now believes in strengthening his online presence to have a more extensive reach for helping consumers.
To enable this, we upgraded the design but kept the existing brand presence intact. SEO played a vital part in the revamp of their website. With the correct keyword usage, we increased their organic traffic.
Darien also wanted to highlight his community, which brought a unique aspect to the website and could provide better customer engagement.

The audience we wanted to capture:

Diamond Heat & Cool is a field service management business that caters to residential clients and light commercial sector jobs. Our target audience was consumers who required Air conditioning/heating services, maintenance or installation jobs.
We wanted to create a website that appealed to our audience visually while having categorised services that required minimal clicks. Through the website, their target audience would get an idea of the company and decide whether the business can provide them with readily available contacts and excellent services.


Mind mapping is an essential step while designing a website. With this practice, we could outline the perfect look of the website and easily decide the hierarchy of the website information.

mind mapping architecture smartserv

Go-live experience:

  1. The first steps involved a few internal brainstorming sessions and collecting information and suggestions from the client.
  2. We developed a few pages that served as a framework agreeable to our client.
  3. We used the correct colour scheme based on their previous website to maintain the brand presence.
  4. Next, we settled on the number of pages, the client’s services, and the additional pages such as about us, the community, contact, and blogs. We assured the client that we do all the heavy lifting, work on the content and pick the best elements from successful websites.
  5. A team of 3 worked on industry research, listed the keywords, and gradually started filling in content for all the headers in the website’s framework.
  6. Final Draft <> Diamond Heating
  7. We acquired some pictures from the client by doing a photo shoot of the entire team. We embedded some perfect images in all the header on the website.
  8. The client was thrilled with the work, validated the content, and gave the green light to make the website live on 28th March 2022.

Impact Experience:

The Diamond Heat & Cool website went live on March 28, 2022. The company saw significant growth in its customer reach after the website revamp. Their conversion rates also increased, showing that enhancing the website improved their page rank. It directly affected the company’s online visibility, which boosted their business’s job order count. In turn, this has refined the company’s image in the eyes of its end customers.

Page Speed

With the fundamental improvement in the content, we significantly improved the website’s page loading speed. Page speed is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in user experience and the conversion rate. Improvement in the page speed has directly resulted in improvement of website ranking according to Google’s Algorithm speed update.

The page Speed of the Diamond Heat & Cool website is 85, which is a great count relative to other successful websites.

Page speed increase SmartServ

Increase in Viewers

Increase in tickets with SmartServ

After revamping the website, the client has seen a growth in the number of job orders received by them. Growth is approximately 25% in the last three months. Which we believe will improve more if we keep updating the SEO

Geographical Spread

Zones coverd after revamping SmartServ

After improving the website, there has been a significant improvement in the spread of the area they covered earlier.
We can see here that for zone 27284 and 27127, the ticket total was 12, and now it is 29 and 18, respectively.

The company has also started receiving orders from new zones like 28677, 27455, 27410, 27409, 27401, 27358, and 27262.

Referring Domains

Increase in referring domains after revamp by SmartServ

Referring Pages

referring pages increase after revamp by smartserv

The number of pages that refer to the Diamond Heat & Cool website has also increased after the website content revamp.
Such an increase signifies that other websites and online users trust our web page. With this, companies can build a trustworthy image in front of their customers.

Organic Keyword

Improvement in organic keywords is proof of the improvement in the ranking of the website.

Keyword Increase

Keyword increase in webpages

Keyword Ranking position

Keyword rankings

Backlink Increase

The owner’s outlook:

The owner of Diamond Heat & Cool, Darien Gee, started his business 17b years ago and has been living in the Piedmont Triad area for 25 years.
He named his business after his beloved pet rottweiler. He believes in providing the highest quality of service to his customers. Darien has been a social worker and an integral part of his community, always at the forefront, building his business with certain principles. Therefore, Diamond Heat & Cool was built on principles of Honesty, Integrity, and dignity with the motto: “Quality Service Done right…first”.
After a few years of working in the industry, Darien yearned to build for the future. With the changing times and advancing technologies, he decided to focus on his digital presence to strengthen his core foundations. A secure digital website would spread business awareness among potential customers and show them the value they hold.
After successful service, customers can say they are having “a Diamond of a day!”

Future Growth/Milestones

Another client, Telford Cooling, asked us to work on the SEO for their new website. Our goal has been to provide a substantial increase in traffic, better digital presence, and scale their business to increase their jobs and revenue.

We are also looking at managing business listings, providing advanced SEO services, and social media management. Through that, we aim to achieve the epitome of a successful digital transformation project for Telford Cooling.


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