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Success Story of Farwest Climate Control

Farwest Climate Control – The HVAC service company

Farwest Climate Control specializes in the sales and service of residential HVAC systems, with an emphasis on delivering these services with honesty and integrity.

They have been serving in Central Washington for about 38 years now. They have been one of the only American Standard Customer Care Dealer in that area to have a customer satisfaction rate of 95%. 

American Standard is rated as the most reliable brand among 14 leading manufacturers by Consumer Guide magazine. Farwest Climate Control has been a dealer of American Standard Brand equipment since 2002. It was awarded the American Standard Customer Care Dealer status in 2006.

About Farwest Climate Control

Farwest Climate Control was founded in 1982 by Bob Melton. They offer flat rate pricing on service and specialize in quality installations for existing residential and mobile homes.

They install and service electric, natural gas, oil, and L.P. gas furnaces. Also water and air source heat pumps, boilers, air conditioners, unit heaters, space heaters, wall heaters, p-tac, and package units. They offer optional 10-year parts and labor extended warranty on all new equipment installed.

Story of Farwest

During the course of 38 years. Farwest Climate Control has grown rapidly with current member strength of 12 to 13 employees. Their demand increased over this broad span of time. But unlike other companies, instead of accepting more and more jobs daily. They restrict themself to a certain number so that they can deliver it with perfection. It is the key to attain 95% customer satisfaction.

To talk about their journey Farwest Climate Control was not using accounting software up until 2006. With the release of QuickBooks online in 2004, many of the HVAC companies started shifting from pen and paper way of accounting to digital versions.

Quickbooks Online had become really popular and Farwest also decided to move to the path of digitalization. They faced few problems initially while getting used to the accounting software but they adapted on their own which took time.

How SmartServ came into the picture

A similar scenario occurred after 2012 when field service management software came into the picture with the sole purpose of improving the process of gener and managing the work order and in 2015 Farwest Climate Control also started using a scheduling software but it did not work out as many of the times their technicians didn’t have access to their calls, there were problems with QuickBooks data sync and most importantly they were really hard to work with as they didn’t respond to there calls or emails.

This is when Farwest Climate Control dropped the software and was unsure about using any scheduling software until they got to know about SmartServ.

Important Features

One of the major features Farwest needed was the ability for their technicians to use the application in offline mode. So that they can have a proper record of the work they do. And can store all the data irrespective of the place they are working at. As sometimes they work underground, where they don’t have internet connectivity. 

Secondly, they really needed someone who can understand the process of shifting from a pen and paper-based technique to digital format and help them in the process of this transition. 

Smartserv provided Farwest Climate Control exactly the same. With the help of the customer success team, they were properly guided and trained about each and every feature. So that they knew how a certain feature is going to help them in developing their business.

Farwest Climate Control has cemented its legacy as one of the best service provider company in the area – Central Washington. Majorly on the basis of referrals and that is the reason why a perfect scheduling software was very significant for them.

Their ability to use the software for scheduling jobs help them manage their daily customer demand which help them provide better customer service.

Farwest Climate Control always asks for customer feedback after every job. It is essential for any business to improve and grow, in any field. These practices lead to the development of trust between the company and the customer. And hence help them provide better services. Their goal is to make sure every one of our customers is completely satisfied with their service.

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