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Expected Trends In The Field Service Business For 2021

Field service business

Transforming Field Service Business

The field service business is the backbone of the economy. It has helped enhance the infrastructure of the nation, starting right from our homes. However, the field service business might have to change its way of operating. 2020 has turned the world upside-down, and the termors have been felt in the field service industry too. The “new normal” seeks new trends in the service business.

The Trends in Field Service Business 2021

Contactless Service



People have been in their homes more than ever. The urge to keep ourselves busy has led most of us to experiment and hang out with the daily home chores more than usual. From cooking to repairing things on our own, we have at least cracked the beginner’s course. While building on these habits, the day is not far when this would become a must-have skill for each individual. Here, the field service businesses could provide virtual support to the customers. The customers could call the service business, and hence, have technicians assist the customers in repairing the appliances.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)


It is safe to predict that many offices will shift to the work-from-home format essentially, or even permanently. In this case, people would be utilizing their home appliances more than often. Thus, the need to keep these appliances in working shape would be crucial. These times would call for AR/VR technologies that allow a technician to repair a real-time defect without visiting the job location. The technician could understand the problem at hand and guide the other person to make changes. Not just for service calls, AR/VR provides a perfect platform to field service businesses to train the new joiners by giving them vivid situations to handle.


The Young Skillset


Change is hard, and 2020 has brought a drastic transformation for the older technicians. However, it is always easy to train the freshers over someone who has been following a similar guideline for years. The millennials and Gen-Z are known as the tech-savvy generations, which could lend a helping hand to the field service industry. As the future awaits technological advancements in the service industry, the young experts could efficiently provide results through their unique skillsets.


Long-Term Customer Relationships


No matter how many technological advancements we may discuss, a complete transformation will require time. Meanwhile, there may be some crucial repairs that can not be done by a layman. It is where the customers would go back to their most trusted companies. When it comes to remote services, the existing customer relationships will rule. Thus, maintenance agreements are the key to recurring revenue today, and so will be the case in the coming years.


Field Service Business Software


The need for personalization won’t vanish even if there is no direct contact. The technicians used to play the role of a direct touch-point. But, this time, the service managers are right next in the queue. The need to make digital conversations personalized would become necessary, and the field service software help to personalize the experience by managing each customer’s information. Identifying customer calls, scheduling in seconds, addressing the right needs through past service notes, and so on would become a huge value point.


Online knowledge sharing


As the contactless service is in demand, and people are becoming more self-reliant in managing their homes, service businesses could take this opportunity to make their brand stand out. Organizing “How-to” webinars or online resources for the basics of repairing would help their customers learn how to perform a particular repair on their own and eventually increase customer interactions with the brand. Every time a customer would successfully perform a repair by themselves, they will have a sense of fulfillment. It provides a base for the service business to build a strong and credible brand name in the market. In case of critical repairs, customers would know who to rely on for the future.

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