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Fire Inspection Reporting Software – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Fire Inspection Reporting Software

Fire inspection reporting software allows fire safety companies to perform installation, repair, inspection, and maintenance of fire protection and safety equipment in commercial and residential buildings smoothly.

It helps to streamline the daily operations of technicians, back-office personnel, and fire inspectors. From managing recurring inspections, availability of inspection reports, access to digitized NFPA recommended forms and checklists, to the on-field generation of service proposals, etc., everything is made possible with the all-in-one fire inspection software.

What are the benefits of fire inspector software

  • Automate daily tasks

    Fire protection software automates routine tasks like appointment management, reporting, data entry, payroll management, and more, which enables users to focus on other important things

  • Save time

    Fire safety companies can save on average 2.5 hours daily with fire inspection software by reducing manual work.

  • Go paperless

     As fire inspection software has digital capabilities, fire inspectors can utilize electronic forms, checklists, and reports over carrying heavy paper files.

  • High convenience and mobility

    Fire inspection reporting software is usually compatible with mobile devices and tablets. It allows users to access business resources from anywhere.

  • One-stop solution

    Most fire protection software programs offer multiple integrations and the ability to manage everything from one place. It reduces the dependency on multiple platforms and enables users to have a single unified platform for their business.

  • Increased revenue generation

    Saved time and dollars add up to more room for making revenue for businesses. As most of the manual work is automated, fewer employees can run the business while prioritizing significant tasks.

What are the standard features of a fire inspector software

  • Scheduler and dispatch dashboard

    Scheduling and dispatching inspections with a simple drag & drop save time and make the communication process simpler for field users and back-office personnel.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Business and inspection reports make it easy to track the business progress accurately.

  • Checklists and forms

    Availability of NFPA recommended forms and fire safety checklists electronically eliminates the chaos of managing paperwork. Users can extract them on the go both from the field and the back office with a fire inspection app.

  • Automation for recurring inspections

    Automating scheduling helps to get regular notifications whenever there is a recurring inspection or maintenance contract service. The users don’t have to schedule inspections manually each time.

  • On-field service proposals with iPads

    Generating service proposals on the field and collecting approval signatures saves time. On-field techs can share them with the back-office personnel in an instant with a fire inspection app.

  • Picture notes

    Sharing picture notes allows users to add proof with the written information and organize everything in one place. Users can speed up the inspection process by sharing notes and images for deficiencies directly to the back office.

  • Mobile Access

    Mobile access allows users to communicate back-and-forth easily and access information, share deficiency images, add voice-command notes, generate service proposals, etc., on the go.

What are the considerations when buying fire inspection reporting software?

  • On-field access

    Fire inspectors do not have to drive back and forth to perform inspections. Easy access to checklists, forms, reports, and other information allows users to complete inspections, generate service proposals, and more on the field. The offline mode adds as a cherry on the top where users do not have to depend on the internet connection to work.

  • Configurable

    Configurable software allows fire safety companies to customize things as per their business. It eliminates standardized usability and allows companies to use the software as per their own brand values and goals.

  • Customer Support

    There can be a lot of questions both for in-office users and field users regarding the software, especially when one starts using it. Thus, the availability of constant customer support and company responsiveness is a must-have for fire inspection professionals.

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Fire inspector software trends

The market share by revenue for fire prevention inspection software expects to see a global rise of up to 12% in 2028, indicating more fire safety businesses would move on to using a software product to run their business.

The impact of COVID-19 has led an encouragement towards using artificial intelligence over personal touch, indicating machines taking over human roles. However, this might indicate a more tech-savvy employee requirement from further generations of fire inspection professionals.

The cost of fire inspection reporting software

Pricing usually varies from per feature, per-user, or one-time fee. The payment options vary from monthly, quarterly, and annual charges.

Most fire inspection reporting software companies charge a monthly basis price and have a per-user-based pricing model.

The average fire inspection software pricing plans begin from $18/month. These plans can go up to $299+ per month depending on the functionality of the software.

It is safe to consider a price range of $25 – $70 per month for medium-priced software covering all the essential functionalities that would give a positive ROI for a fire safety business.

*The price range is based on an observed average of the various fire inspection software products and third-party review sites for the fire protection industry.

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