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How Coronavirus Is Affecting Home Service Industries and What Can Be Done

First of all, with the kind of business workflow that the Home-Service Industry has, traveling is an important part of it, without the travel, the work can’t be completed. The corona pandemic has impacted this aspect the most. 

The home service trade requires the technicians to move around in different zones. This emphasizes the fact that they come in contact with a lot of people during the day which puts them at a higher risk of coming in contact with the coronavirus. This is something that is of prime concern and has to be addressed. The technicians and the customers both have to be kept into consideration during the whole process of business operations.

It all boils down to 2 key aspects –

  1. Safety of your customers and your field service technicians.
  2. Keeping your business up and running even in extreme times like these.

So now comes the part where you sit down, analyze the situation and the problem at your hand and come out with the best solution

Understand the Coronavirus symptoms and the precautionary measures in detail and when you are working on this, please don’t trust any information which is being spread around. Go with the facts that are being put by Organizations like WHO ( World Health Organization )

Now it is important to understand how your workers can travel and take the utmost care of themselves, you can have a look at the video posted by WHO about “How to protect yourself when traveling during the coronavirus (COVID-2019) outbreak.” It will give you a better understanding of the steps that you need to take for the safety of your workers/employees.

So please ensure that If any of your employees have started to show any kind of symptoms, get the health checkup right away.

Make your customers aware that you are taking every precautionary step that needs to be taken and has kept the safety of your customers and employees at the top priority and not hampering the process of offering valuable service to your customer.

What other issues are you worried about that are related to coronavirus and your business? Email us, and we’ll help find answers to it.  

Now the question of “how am I going to spread the message to my customers ?” might come to your mind, let’s get to that now- 

As a part of the home service industry, you probably have a digital presence on the website, Social media accounts. Now is the time to make the most use of it and start putting out content on the various critical steps that you have taken and reach out to your existing customers. Make them understand that you truly value them and want them to be safe and sound.

This not just portrays your Business culture but also helps in building trust and healthy relations.

Now In the home service industry when we particularly talk about HVAC services, this industry will have a new way of positioning themselves.

Let me shed some light on one particular aspect which is related to germs, bacteria, and viruses. This is something important that everyone needs to know especially the HVAC industry.

It is important to have good IAQ ( Indoor Air Quality ). In general, the air that is present inside the homes is circulated throughout the homes because of HVAC units. Not having a good IAQ can lead to health problems, rashes, eye irritation, and many more problems. This is something neglected by the customers, regular maintenance of the HVAC unit will ensure that your customers don’t face the issues related to poor IAQ. 


Now, this is something that can be pitched in front of your customers because right now people have actually understood the importance of maintaining good hygiene at homes, offices and other commercial complexes. When a person having a common cold, flu or cough is present in a room or a house with poor indoor air quality. A poor HVAC system can contribute to spreading these unwanted pathogens in the air and this increases the chances of other people in the house catching a cold, flu. 

A well-maintained HVAC system is a solution for this kind of problem and people will clearly realize it especially in times like these where people all over the world have realized how important it is going to be for them especially to keep up with the health standards in the coming few months.

If the HVAC industry takes every precautionary measure during its business operations and puts forward the message of having a good IAQ, then they can be true problem-solvers for the people and at the same time run their business. Even though most of the businesses might face economic slowdown for the next few months but every business needs to find out a way to not get bogged down completely and for the HVAC industry, this is one of the ways how they can continue providing the services.

But let’s say the government puts a complete lockdown then one of the strategies that you can apply is to tell your workers to go on unpaid leaves and stay at home. Just tell them to be safe, not to travel much and as soon as things get better you can get back to work. 

Simon Sinek – one of the Famous American authors and motivational speakers has commented on what business owners should be doing in times like these. 

“Just sit down with your employees and figure it out. Show and explain to them all the financial aspects of the business. Brainstorm with them on what can be done, take their feedbacks and critically analyze what can be done.”

– Simon Sinek

Authoritative Sources of information : 

World Health Organization

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