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How Home Service Business Can Earn Good Reviews

Before we get into the steps on how to get the good reviews. Let me shed some light on some facts which will give a better idea of why exactly is getting good reviews so vital for any business and not just home service business.

  • The average consumer reads 10 reviews before he can trust a business.
  • 82% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses, with 52% of 18-54-year-olds saying they ‘always’ read reviews

For more facts on why good reviews are important click on this link

Timing of getting the reviews

Getting the reviews by emailing out a link to the customer after a day or even after a few hours can cost you losing a good review from the happy customer. The best time to ask for a review would be right after the job is done by the technician or following him up with an email within an hour of the job being completed.

Make a good impression on the first touchpoint

The dispatcher or the CSR is the first point of contact when a customer makes a call and you would surely want that to be the best.

Now come the important questions that any home service provider needs to think over – 

  • How is the communication process with the customers?
  • Are the CSRs or dispatchers polite, kind?
  • Are they able to understand the customer’s issue or do they repeatedly ask the customer to explain the issue?

Increased customer satisfaction is directly proportional to good reviews and this is a no brainer, no doubt about that

Also, make sure that none of the calls go into voicemail, try to set up an automated message reply system that says “ Our Dispatcher will get back to you in few minutes”. This will give the customer assurance that you will be getting back to that person soon.

Be ready for the peak seasons

None of the customers who call would want the service to be provided after 2 or 3 weeks until and unless they themselves have asked for it, that’s an entirely different case. What I want to convey is that there will be times when you will be completely booked out. That generally happens during peak seasons. So when a customer calls, what you would do is book them for a later date but the customer wouldn’t be happy with that. A good review will come up when you are able to provide service in a shorter interval of time even during the peak seasons. You need to be well prepared for such times so that you don’t happen to create unhappy customers and there is another negative aspect to it – this could also lead to a drop in booking rates when you delay the services.

The techs on the field should be on the spot with their work and behavi

The technicians primarily need to be good at two factors-

One is the technical knowledge and practically how good they are at applying the knowledge and fixing the issues. The first time fix rate of the technician should be good. The customer should not face the hassle of calling up and reporting an issue with the job which has been done recently. It would surely leave out a negative impression of your company which eventually might lead to a negative review. Make sure all the techs are updated with all the industry knowledge.

The second one is the values, the way he communicates and carries himself at the job location.

Being presentable matters not just in the way the technician communicates but also the dress code or the attire that they wear. Are they arriving at the job location with messed up hair, dirty shoes? This is something that actually does matter. Make sure all the techs follow certain rules and regulations when they are at the job location.

Converting the negatives into positives

Every home service business receives the negatives and positives of the service they are offering. Now how you deal with the negative reviews is crucial. It starts out with communicating back to them. Knowing what exactly is the factor that led the customer to write a negative review is important. It will help you get back to the customer and correct it and if you are able to make the customer understand that you truly value them. The customer will not just convert that negative review into positive but in fact, might become a recurring customer.

Great Customer service

This goes without saying. It is simple logic that providing customers with great customer service will give you back great customer reviews. It is obvious that in the end, it all boils down to  “customer satisfaction”. Making your customers happy and satisfied with the service. Being spontaneous with the work and getting the problem resolved is what will be valued and remembered.

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