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HVAC Myths Every HVAC technicians must know

Myths of HVAC industry

There are many myths revolving around HVAC services and HVAC technicians, let’s have a look at them 

Myth 1

One of the HVAC myths concerned with chemicals and settings where fumes are released is that a sophisticated or high-quality or expensive HVAC system can deal with it but the fact is that it can’t control the harmful air pollutants or microparticles in the air.

To solve out that such kind of issues we require macro air fans or HVLS ( high volume low-speed fans and relying solely on HVAC systems is not going to get the desired result. 

Myth 2

Another air conditioning myth is regarding the placement of thermostats. Before getting into the details, let us have a basic understanding of what thermostat is, how it works. The thermostat is the component of an HVAC system that senses the temperature of the location and then accordingly sends out signals to the main system which then accordingly maintains the optimum temperature.

So the emphasis is on the location of a thermostat, it is quite important to not locate the thermostat near the window as direct sunlight may cause the thermostat to record a high temperature which eventually leads to shutting down of the HVAC system.

Thermostat hvac

Myth 3

One of the biggest air conditioning myths which run in the minds of people is that regular maintenance of the HVAC systems is not required, but the analogy of the car maintenance will explain the situation in a better manner. When car maintenance is not done on a regular basis the engine efficiency decreases which leads to a decrease in mileage that the car provides and noise.

Well, the same is the situation with the HVAC units, regular maintenance will ensure that smaller problems don’t lead to expensive repairs in the future.

HVAC Maintenance

Myth 4

Some homeowners think that larger systems will provide quality ventilation, heating, and cooling services, but that is not always the case. There are different kinds of HVAC systems and each of them has different functionality. So based on the size of the location, and requirements of the buyer that person needs to make a decision as to which one will best suit his needs.

Myth 5

The HVAC systems with good efficiency are enough to reduce the electricity bill – this is another myth. There are some other minute factors that need to be taken care of. A house or commercial place with leaks around the doors, and windows can cause the inflow of cold air and this will fluctuate the temperature inside and cause inefficient working of the system, so a house or commercial place which is drafty might cause even a high-rated HVAC system to give out a high utility bill if there are any leaks through which cool air is flowing in.

Myth 6

There are some people who believe that it’s better to increase the temperature of the AC system and keep it on when they are not in their homes. They feel that switching it on/off will lead to inefficient working but that is not the case, when not in use it is always better to switch it off, it will save energy and money both.

Myth 7

“Closing air vents in the rooms which are mostly unused will recirculate the airflow into the rooms which are being used more” this is a popular myth. Doing this actually causes an imbalance in air delivery and also causes pressure buildup on the air vents and eventually might lead to major problems later.                             

Myth 8

Air filters don’t need to be changed on a regular basis, this has actually become the mindset of people. They need to understand the depth of the issue that they might be facing if they don’t get the air filter cleaned regularly, the dirtier they get the more inefficient they become in their working. They require attention on a regular basis.

Myths about the HVAC technicians

Myth 1

HVAC technicians do not make much money – this is a major myth when it comes to technicians’ salaries, you can check out the Bureau of labor statistics to check out the average salary that techs can earn and the ones who are proficient in this trade have a really good pay.

Myth 2

The number of people applying for jobs is very high compared to the number of jobs available ( applicant to job ratio is high )  – well that’s not true. The HVAC industry is looking at exponential growth especially because of technological advancements. The Internet of things (IoT) industry is advancing at a good pace, as a result, many different kinds of HVAC systems are coming up. With the fluctuations in the climate, the need for comfort systems has increased.

Myth 3

Another myth is that HVAC techs are not skilled workers. HVAC technicians actually need to go through specialized training and there is a certification process too. In fact, some states also require the technicians to go through a state-level exam. Techs will get to learn a lot about different technological developments in the HVAC industry over time and the misconception that it is not a skillful job is false. Many HVAC industries are looking out for techs who have proper certifications and who are competent enough to do the job.

Myth 4

Only men are HVAC technicians – the number of women technicians is low compared to men but there is a good number of women technicians. In fact, many women are actively looking for it and the jobs are equally rewarding for the women. 

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