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10 Informative Plumbing Blogs and Other Beneficial Resources

Plumbing blog every plumber must follow

Many firms and contractors have chronicled their failures and triumphs to distribute knowledge and promote awareness in the plumbing community to keep the plumbers up to date on the newest trends in their profession. This documentation has benefited and helped grow several businesses and communities. If your website is full of helpful troubleshooting hints, you’ll appear trustworthy when you appear in a web search via search engine optimization (SEO). This will boost your client base, and with plumbing services in great demand, there’s little time left in the day to filter through hundreds of publications, interviews, and so-called industry “experts” to get genuine, credible knowledge. Plumber blogs and other internet resources are an excellent way to raise awareness and expertise. To help you and your business cut through the marketing noise, we have created a thorough list of the best, most effective plumber blogs, plumbing forums, and plumbing advice available. These plumbing blog sites, articles, and publications are sure to assist you with your work and business, whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer.

10 plumbers' blogs you must read!

The following must-read plumbing blogs will give insight into which plumbing subjects users seek and how frequently entries are released. Even if you’re an experienced plumber, you can look to these blogs for guidance when you’re stuck on a difficult task and stay up to date on industry changes. Many top plumbing blogs are focused exclusively on professional plumbers looking to expand their business. These are ten plumbing blogs every plumber must follow.

1.SmartServ Blogs

The blogs are home to a wealth of articles that provide knowledge and inspiration for running your residential and business plumbing operations. Plumbing professionals will find articles on generating job leads, recommendations for improved training, techniques to build your business, not letting old technology stifle your growth potential, and much more.

2. Mr. Rooter

This plumbing blog has been running since 2011 and offers an extensive collection of high-quality content written by seasoned plumbing specialists. Their blog is jam-packed with “How to” information for landlords and homeowners. It provides a variety of niche topic ideas and solutions to typical professional challenges for plumbers. The site, which is based in Waco, Texas, publishes blogs three times every month.

3. The Plumbing Perspective

The plumber blog is committed to educating plumbing professionals on the latest industry developments and innovations. They also include updates on industry leaders, information on how to build your firm with new technology, and skills to brush up on. They post eleven times every week.

4. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Expert tips

Their “Plumbing Tips and Tricks” blog is an excellent example of how to address frequently asked issues from consumers. Aside from essential plumbing guidance, the blog covers selecting equipment and repairing bathroom grout and sink clogs. This blog provides crucial insight into plumbing solutions and new trends for plumbing experts and curious homeowners. They publish once a month.

5. Len The Plumber

US Len The Plumber, based in Maryland, offers plumbing ideas and assistance from local specialists. The blog, primarily aimed at homeowners and potential customers, is a wealth of plumbing knowledge and a testament to how plumbing companies can engage their customers with friendly, fun topics. They upload one post per week.

6. Best Plumber

Their blog contains information that is useful to both consumers and professionals which they post twice every week. They also make an effort to keep everyone informed about new technologies and industry trends. They can provide recommendations, advice, and information on various topics, such as water heater trends, pipelines, and bathroom designs.

7. Mike Diamond Services

You can learn how to tag and categorize your plumbing blogs here. They make it simple for customers to find just what they require. The blog also updates weekly, which is an excellent posting frequency. You may also browse through their infographics if you’re looking for some graphic content for your own website. Their blogs cover the latest news and DIY tips and tricks for plumbing, drain cleaning, HVAC, and electrical.

8. Grow Plumbing

Their site teaches you how to improve and maximize your marketing plan and stay up to date on industry trends. Whether you’re a plumber wanting to boost your advertising ROI or improve sales through social media networking, this blog can help you. They post two times a month.

9.3 Mountains Plumbing 

The website, which is based in Oregon, US, publishes two blogs per month. Their topics include flooded basements and water damage, as well as drain cleaning and sewer systems. They also teach how to address your audience as a friend.

10. Express Sewer and Drain

The Express Sewer & Drain blog covers various plumbing and sewer line subjects, from basic homeowner information to more advanced, high-level plumbing articles. They cover topics that will assist you in selling your services without becoming overbearing. Their blogs, based in Sacramento, delicately urge potential clients to contact them without forcing a sales message down their throats. They publish blogs three times a month.

Plumbing Podcasts

1. Plumb true

This plumbing podcast incorporates Christian faith messages with practical plumbing instruction. Every Monday, Bruce Davis, Jr. will be on the air with brief, two to six-minute episodes that will provide you with basic yet practical ideas for your plumbing business.

2. To The Point

Chris Yano, the founder of Ryno Strategic Solutions, produces a podcast for tradespeople that provides free tips, tactics, and guidance. They invite key players in the sector and ask them for their experience and advice on how to execute certain things, and what people should think about that they aren’t thinking about.

3. The Authority Podcast

This plumbing podcast, hosted by Christopher Lohr, delves into the latest in safety, sustainability, and resiliency from the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials. Winston Churchill’s adage inspires the show, “we shape our buildings, and then our buildings shape us.”

4. The Professional Plumber Podcast

The Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) is a reputable professional organization recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) that actively promotes better plumbing standards in the country. We will have intriguing and instructive interactions with industry professionals, PIRB officials, and other guests in these podcast episodes to serve our registered plumbers through yet another new and handy medium.

5. Mr. London Plumber Became a Plumber

Before you call yourself a plumber, you should know what it takes to become one. The podcast offers people a better understanding of the process and what it entails. It can help people realize the devotion and hours that go into the craft and skill.

6. Any Hour Services

An educational program about the major systems in the home, including electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. We’ll pick a topic each week and discuss its technical elements. We’ll have a panel of technicians discusses their experiences with that topic. We’ll answer questions from homeowners and talk about what we’re seeing as we help them manage and repair their home systems. It is intended to be helpful and valuable to you.

7.Plumbing Secrets and Other Political Trappings Podcast

Plumbing Secrets delves into the never-before-revealed world of plumbing with a straight-talk manner and easy-to-relate topics that are frequently amusing, engaging, and fascinating.

Plumbing Forum

1. Drain cleaning forum

The forum is the official blog of Spartan, a market leader in high-quality plumbing products. Readers learn about Spartan’s product line and specialists from across the country.

2. The Plumbing Forum

This plumbing forum is one of the largest online communities for plumbing professionals who want to talk about commerce or get answers to plumbing, kitchen, and bath questions. The site, active since 1996, features thousands of discussion threads and over 50,000 users, many of whom are current or veteran plumbing professionals.

3. Plumbing Zone

The plumbing forum, the Plumbing Zone is an internet forum for plumbing experts only. Readers can anticipate high-level inquiries and subjects covering various plumbing topics. They will also discover extensive talks on the nuances of establishing a plumbing business.

4. Verizon Connect Resources Page

Verizon Connect provides fleet management software for the home services market and dispatching and GPS tracking solutions. The company’s resources page offers a variety of ebooks, case studies, and other publications for plumbers looking to improve their fleet management and grow their business.

5.Go Time Success Group

GoTime Success Group provides coaching, advising, and technical training services as a platform for contractual professionals. Its purpose is to assist business owners, technicians, and managers build their firms and defining long-term goals.

Plumbing Blog Sites and Publications

1. Contractor magazine

The journal provides readers with an aerial picture of the national home services business. It covers the latest news, trends, and challenges affecting mechanical contractors. Contractor Magazine provides plumbing, heating, and piping contracting organizations with staff-written industry news, company management guidance, market trends, and new products.

2. Plumbing and Mechanical

A print journal that updates its website with new content for plumbers and other professional contractors 14 posts each week. Labor, merchandising, training, job-site management, and product and installation technical material are among the topics addressed in Plumbing and Mechanic. Several of their posts discuss how to increase revenue at your home service company, among other things.

3.Plumber Mag

The Plumber magazine is a trusted online plumbing resource and print journal for industry professionals. It provides everything from repair services and pipe rehabilitation to water conditioning and new construction to residential and commercial plumbing contractors and franchisees. Located in Wisconsin, US they publish 11 posts every month.


Not only can you utilize these plumbing blog sites and forums to acquire ideas for what types of material to publish on your own site, but they’re also jam-packed with industry knowledge. Becoming a master of your craft is a continual journey. Keep up with plumbing trends on our blog and take advantage of advances in the plumbing business, such as our plumbing software, to stay on top of your game.

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