Quarterly Product Solution Bulletin

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Quarterly Product Solution Bulletin

It’s the growth phase!

Our product development velocity has never been better. With over 25 new features added to the platform in Q3, we made it our 2nd highest quarter for features released.

With this new development velocity, our values stay the same. These 25 new features illustrate our commitment to providing solutions for the problems our customers face.

SmartServ is a product made by contractors & for the contractors. We say that because our customer’s requests made up 48% of these features. 

From adding a dollar sign indicating an outstanding amount to building an entirely new module of interactive forms, we have made it all this quarter.

Your business success drives everything we do, including the features and services we add.

We constantly work on improving our communication with all our customers, and this article is an effort for the same. 

Here are a few of the major pain points that we were able to solve this quarter:

#1 Customer Request

Customer: Hey, I need a new payment partner that will work across The US & Canada.

Us: Sure!

Introducing Stripe

The industry leader in payment processing gateways. The Stripe partnership will enable customers to receive payments from all the regions of the US and Canada at a $0/month additional cost. 

Stripe enables our customers to accept and process credit and debit card payments. Stripe also accepts payments in different currencies.

Click here to know more about this integration.

#2 Customer Request

Customer:  Hey, my dispatcher entered a customer twice with a different name, and now I have duplicate customer entries. Can you merge them for me?

Us:  No problem! Let us build a customer merge feature for you.

Introducing Customer Merge

Merge Customer

We know all of us have been there. Adding duplicate contacts in our phones and SmartServ is a widespread mistake, and we all have made it. 

This customer merger feature is a lifesaver! It truly is! Many a time, we add a customer twice with a different name, leading to duplicate entries in the system. This is why we have added a customer entry merge system that will allow you to merge all the same customer information into one customer contact. This includes job tickets, estimates, invoices, etc.

#3 Customer Request

Customer: Hey, how do I collect the payment for multiple unpaid invoices at once from a customer?

Us:  Wait, you haven’t heard about the batch payments feature?

Introducing Batch Payments

Play Video

Our customers can now collect payment for multiple invoices at once just simply by selecting those invoices and clicking on the “send email” button, just like that.

#4 Customer Request

Customer: Hey, I need to calculate the overtime rates on your platform. Can you build something like this for me?

Us: Sure, let us build an overtime calculator for you!

Introducing Overtime Calculator

Overtime Calculator

We know that to grow a business, we must put in the extra time. We take inspiration from our customers who perform jobs over the weekend and are not reluctant to pick up the toolbox, get on the truck and go for the job themselves whenever needed. 

With every large job comes the need for overtime, and contractors have to adjust the payroll for each technician according to the number of overtime hours put in.

Our new Overtime Calculation feature release will give you a hand in such grinding situations. The feature helps contractors calculate the exact amount paid to technicians, including their regular daily and overtime wages, and simultaneously estimate the breaks they take.

Apart from the customer request, we released a significant upgrade to our SMS and Emailing Module.

#5 Customer Request

Customer: Hello, is there any way for us to receive updates on the job processes and other services that come with each job?

Us: Of course! We would be happy to build the Automated SMS and Emails feature for you.

Introducing Automated SMS and Emails

Automated SMS & Emails

We are in the 21st century, and yes, we don’t have flying cars right now, but we do have automation in SmartServ for you.   

With this upgrade, we have 17 events in our SMS and Email alert feature. All of it is automated. Our customers can design their SMS and Emails and then just forget about them.   

Our software will automatically send SMS and email based on the different job statuses. Like when you schedule a job, the technician is on the way or reaching in 5 mins, payment status, invoice status, etc. 

Moreover, you will also have an automated reminder SMS/Email for pending invoice payments. 

These are just five of the 25 features shared with you in this article from our bucket of improvements. 

You can access the entire feature list here.

Stay tuned for the next Quarter’s Product Solution Bulletin

Quarter 3 has been unusual for us, and we are all ramped up to make Quarter 4 2022 the best-performing quarter for ourselves!

We are developing a butch of new features like a Barcode Scanner, Purchase Order, Vendor management, Profitrhino Integration, and much more!

And the cherry on the cake is our iOS App is now live on the app store! Your technicians can now directly download SmartServ App from the App Store.

This will be all from our side for this article, if you want to know more about the 25 features we released in quarter 3 then please do contact us!

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