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Top 5 MUST Try Scheduling Software That Works With QuickBooks


In our fast-paced lives, we often look for time-saving strategies that help make our work and its processes more efficient. There are so many things to do, and you never know how to fit it all into a day’s work. Most field service management jobs include billing and invoicing. Whether you’re a technician, part of the office team, or even the owner, you must deal with such services’ accounting aspect. The billing and invoicing enable agents and technicians to quote pricing and bill consumers for parts and services. This is useful in any company where clients pay for one-time service visits – prominent examples include water treatment, HVAC, fire inspection, plumbing, locksmith, electrical services, and utilities.

Unfortunately, many firms do not have the necessary infrastructure in place. They can’t accept payments onsite at all, or they may but must re-key every transaction into a separate system at EOD, resulting in reams of paper bills stacking up in the office and an error-ridden audit trail. And if you still manage your service business with pen, paper, and Excel spreadsheets. In that case, you are missing out on the most significant competitive advantage you could have for growing your firm. This could also indicate losing consumers and failing to create more profit while competitors gain ground at breakneck speed. Choose a software system that automates and optimizes your business activities while also allowing connection with QuickBooks.

When you combine job scheduling software with QuickBooks, you get a robust software system that streamlines your entire service business. This way, you can keep your funds in order while organizing your business. There is software available that avoids the requirement for duplicate entries. When you create a job in the field service management software, it syncs with QuickBooks. This means hello, extra time; bye-bye, hectic work! 

This post will discuss the best five scheduling software that works with QuickBooks.

Scheduling software that works with quickbooks


A significant field service management software provider, SmartServ, provides the most efficient and robust cloud-based platform packed with compelling features and functionalities. It includes a complete work order management suite, an efficient scheduler, and easy-to-use functionality for creating and sharing estimates. Along with invoicing software, it also has an integrated GPS-powered mobile app that allows you to track the whereabouts of your technicians in real-time, check work progress, and view the full schedule in several modes (daily, weekly, monthly, and individual programs of technicians). The all-in-one dashboard gives you access to all customer details and works order information. Scheduling software that works with QuickBooks smoothly, SmartServ promises to bring effectiveness to the organization’s work processes.


Our scheduling and dispatching software has features like

  • Smartcall integration

Stay proactive and arrange appointments quickly, with consumer information instantly appearing during every call. You can show your customers how you value their business by being up-to-date on their company details, needs, and requirements.

  • Web Booking

You can score more jobs by allowing visitors to book appointments on the website with all available slot details, increasing efficiency and employee time.

  • Track Real-Time Job Update Status With Color Code

Show clients the location of the technicians assigned to them. They can monitor the status of their assigned technicians in real time.

Dispatchers can also see unassigned tickets in grey, which can be dragged onto the scheduler and assigned to a technician. Add color and convenience to your dashboard using different colors for job updates. 

  • Update Jobs With A Simple Drag & Drop Feature

Manage standard scheduling programs, such as allocating jobs to technicians, tracking job status, work location, and more, with a few mouse clicks! Drag and drop to make changes.

FieldEdge is another helpful field service software that supports two-way QuickBooks integration. It is a gold-certified field service management tool focusing on scheduling, customer account management, dispatch, and service agreement management. It also includes a service dashboard with performance analytics and mobile CRM capabilities to keep the entire team connected in real time, whether in the field or the back office.

FieldEdge also works with QuickBooks and provides real-time data sync. Accounting software also allows you to manage inventory and update accounts from a single platform, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

Some of their main scheduling features are

  • Calendar
  • Scheduling & Dispatch
  • Roles
  • Field Sales
  • Employee Communication


Geo is a field service management app for professionals that is cloud-based. Users can utilize the software to automate their workflow and streamline technician dispatch. The software solution is accessible via mobile phones and desktop computers, and it supports a variety of businesses, including electrical contractors, fire and security, plumbing, HVAC, and others.

Geo helps service-based organizations eliminate paper-based processes in favor of digital automation. It includes features like QuickBooks online integration, job scheduling with GPS tracking, dispatching, task management, and more to inform clients and businesses about work orders.

A few of Geo’s main features are

  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Online Booking
  • Scheduling
  • Estimates
  • Live GPS Tracking

ServiceM8 is a robust field service management software that provides web and mobile platforms for various field service enterprises. Thanks to many useful features and functionalities, it enables field service professionals to perform smooth client assistance. Businesses may use the cloud-based platform to create online quotations, receive and manage work orders, schedule technician visits, share after-service reports and invoices with clients, and much more to improve the efficiency of their business processes.

In addition to optimizing operations for single or numerous offices, it provides seamless connectivity with Intuit QuickBooks to ensure a smooth data sync.

A few of the main features are,

  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Automated Scheduling
  • API
  • Calendar management
  • CRM

Workiz is a field service mobile app that can help you organize your service business more efficiently. It provides efficient tools for tracking jobs, technicians, scheduling, invoicing, payments, and clients.

Workiz is simple to use and requires no downloads or installations. Create an account and begin sending jobs to your technicians. This software solution allows your technicians to communicate with the office without technical features. They can log in, transmit, and receive job orders via text or email.

The main features include the following:

  • Access Control
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Calendar
  • Client Management
  • Inventory Management



Each of the five scheduling software that works with QuickBooks listed, features fast scheduling and dispatching tools, as well as an easy transfer of your QuickBook data into the software to help you manage your jobs. As you can see, this approach has numerous benefits, the most notable of which are that it streamlines your operations, organizes your data, and simplifies your company procedures more than before. As a result, your company is more likely to expand and produce additional money.

You can use the best digital tools provided by SmartServ. to grab the opportunity to bring efficiency to your work processes and boost business growth and revenue. While QuickBooks provides the most comprehensive accounting solutions, you must select a premier field service management software like Field Promax to acquire the most effective digital solutions in one location.

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