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How to sell HVAC Maintenance Contract: An Ultimate Guide

You know it is difficult to get new clients in the HVAC business. Maintaining your earnings during the quiet season might be challenging. You need a constant source of revenue to generate income even during off-seasons. HVAC maintenance contracts are your one solution. You can sign monthly, yearly, or quarterly service contracts, ensuring future income and increasing your earnings per customer. Read our blog to learn about the benefits of HVAC service contracts.

After reading the blog, you must be willing to start selling HVAC service contracts. We know many companies still struggle to sign deals with customers. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed how you can start or increase HVAC service agreement sales in your business.

Communicate the Value of an HVAC Maintenance Contract

Make sure that your customers know what service agreements are and their benefits. People won’t sign up if they don’t understand how an HVAC service contract benefits them. It should not be a very unusual term from them.

Explain to them through marketing or emails how service contracts ensure that their HVAC system is working at peak performance and avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Technicians in the field can inform about the perks of buying HVAC maintenance agreements. You can also use your website and email newsletters to spread awareness about your maintenance.

You can provide informative content about their HVAC system and promote HVAC maintenance contracts directly.

Incentivize your technicians to sell HVAC maintenance contracts

Technicians and contractors in your team directly communicate with your customers. During the service calls or fieldwork, technician or contractors can pitch about commercial HVAC service contracts. Your team should be enthusiastic about selling agreements and communicate the importance of service agreements well.

Customers view service technicians as HVAC experts. If the technician is enthusiastic about selling agreements and communicates the importance of service agreements, there is a massive chance of getting a maintenance contract sale.

Therefore you can provide incentives to technicians and other staff if they sell agreements. This way, they are motivated to earn some extra money and close maintenance contract deals.

Build Relationships

Building a relationship based on trust is the best way to sell HVAC service contracts. ​It would be best not to communicate with your customers only when you want money from them. You should talk to your customers and offer them free advice now and then—this way, you build trust and long-lasting relationships.

Keep in touch with them all year long, so they are aware of your business partnership and have an opportunity to consider its worth. This way, approaching customers and selling and renewing maintenance contracts is simpler.

Even when a customer already has primary equipment coverage, this technician sells agreements on accessories by engaging the consumer in a discussion about the equipment.

Offer discounts, offers, and financing

The HVAC system of customers will be well maintained if they sign HVAC service contracts. But they also would love other perks like discounts on service visits. You can increase sales and customer satisfaction by offering discounts and offers in the service agreement.

Offer your customers a variety of service agreement plans, and provide options to customize the parts to be covered in the contract. A comprehensive premium HVAC agreement can cover complete parts and labor costs. Another option can cover one component with a 50% discount on repairs. Likewise, you can create plans and customize HVAC maintenance contracts for customers. Everyone loves services customized for their needs.

As an added service, you can provide installment payment options to help your customers get the financing they need. SmartServ HVAC maintenance agreement software lets you get paid upfront and provides financing options to your customers simultaneously.

Analyze existing customers and sales

You should start selling HVAC maintenance contracts to your existing customers, which can be low-hanging fruit to target. You can check your customer records and service history and, according to pitch service agreements to them.

Analyzing customer records is easy if you have a customer management feature in HVAC software. If not, check out SmaServ’s CRM feature.

If you are a SmartServ customer, KPI and business analytics can help you target your technician’s most economical geographical area. KPI and business analytics features can help you target the most economical geographical location with your best technician.

Referral Programs

Propose a referral program for your customers to encourage them to tell their friends about you. You can establish a referral program that entitles existing clients to rewards when referring a new client. You can offer discounts, gift cards, etc.

If a customer purchases a service contract from you, ask them to include the name of the person they are referring to. You can also ask them to send a summary of what this customer plans to use your services for and how mu. This way, you can get more referrals, which will lead to more sales and higher profit margins.

Add-on services

You can add other field services to enrich your service agreements. For example, you can extend beyond standard HVAC and add plumbing or electrical work services.
If you only do HVAC, you can consider hiring other field technicians on a contract basis. Include a yearly check-up where you discuss the system’s overall health, any possible upgrades, and general efficiency improvements.

Get a software

SmartServ Software dashboard

HVAC Maintenance Contract software can help you manage HVAC maintenance contracts efficiently.
The scheduling feature helps manage recurring jobs. It enables technicians to prioritize tasks without last-minute hurdles. You also get auto invoicing features to avoid redundant tasks. Check the other of the Service agreement software here.


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