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SmartServ Integration with Stripe

Secure Payments with Stripe

Secure Payments with Stripe

The cornerstone of SmartServ’s ideology has always been to deliver the best customer experience. In our quest to take our customer service quality to the next level, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Stripe as our payment partner. Stripe is one of the most trusted and widely-used payment gateway providers in the world and it was inevitable for a customer-centric company like SmartServ to have Stripe as a payment gateway partner. Stripe’s customer-centric approach will now be embedded into our highly-rated web, iOS, and Android apps. This will enable our customers to make safer and faster payments and to scale their business at a much faster rate.

At SmartServ, we go deep into the business problems of our customers to understand their pain points and help them in overcoming their bottlenecks. Adding one more trusted payment partner, especially for certain geographical locations, was one of the most prominent demands by our current customers. This is where Stripe came into the picture and fit into our product like a hand in a glove. SmartServ thrives on providing easy-to-use digital products to non-desk workers to make their lives easier and Stripe’s intuitive and comprehensive payment solution became the right fit for our product.

Stripe & SmartServ: What’s In It For Our Customers?

Let’s look into specific details of how we think this seamless integration of Stripe in our product is going to be a game-changer for our customers. Apart from the renowned customer service that Stripe provides, there is a wide range of features that come along with Stripe that will make using SmartServ even more effortless for our customers.

Get a Complete Set of Integrated Payments Products

 A consumer can use Stripe to access both payment gateway and credit card processing services. Since Stripe approaches financial and payment issues from a technology-first perspective, it regularly introduces new features and updates to further streamline the payment process.

Enhanced Security Features

Both PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection are provided by Stripe. Your financial information, including your credit card number, bank account number, and passwords, are transmitted securely and encrypted as a result. Your information is constantly protected and safe.

Bundled Payments

It is possible to batch payments from a single client to avoid having to pay a transaction fee for each individual transaction. All you need to do to bundle payments and charge once through your system is save your customers’ payment information. Additionally, you can enroll your customer in a $0/month plan and add an item to the invoice for each minor payment. By default, each billing cycle on Stripe will automatically pay the invoice.

About Stripe

With the help of Stripe, clients may conduct risk-free, secure transactions using their credit cards or bank accounts in a variety of currencies. Stripe also offers payment processing and gateway solutions. Additionally, Stripe is among the easiest systems for setting up recurring payments and provides extra features like automated billing, invoicing, and sales tax.

In short, the following are the major benefits for the customers at SmartServ:

    • Accept payments without delays or errors
    • Easy to set up and monitor all the payments under one dashboard
    • Setting up recurring or subscription payments is very easy to do
    • There are no hidden charges
    • All types of card payments are accepted
    • Enjoy low transaction fees and complete transparency
    • One of the most seamless checkout experience

About SmartServ

SmartServ is revolutionizing the Field Service industry by providing cutting-edge software to non-desk workers. SmartServ comprises a team of highly motivated engineers and developers who understand the needs of the industry and thrive on making the lives of field service managers easier and helping them in growing their businesses. Our ever-growing community of 1000+ field service contractors is a testament to our hard work and dedication. SmartServ is a platform made by the field service contractors for the field service contractors.

How SmartServ makes lives easier for Field Service Contractors

    • Easy Scheduling and Despatching
    • Effortless Invoicing
    • Realtime Reporting
    • Comfortable Mobile Access
    • Quickbooks Integration

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