2024’S Best 10 Electrician Marketing Tips

Electrician Marketing and Its Importance

Electrical contractor marketing refers to the actions taken by a company that provides electrical contracting services to boost sales and advertise its electrical services. 

It offers an electrician firm numerous advantages, demonstrating the value of its performance. The following are some advantages of employing legitimate electrician marketing techniques for an electrical business:

Increasing your internet presence and generating good word of mouth are two ways to improve sales by focusing your marketing efforts on the brand. The sales rate will rise due to all these actions, and eventually, profits will also. 

Established brand: Effective marketing will make people aware of your brand name. You can take the necessary action by promoting your service quality leads through advertisements on various media channels. 

Be discoverable: Your marketing efforts will help more potential customers locate you online. When someone wants electrical services again, they should be able to reach you by seeing your ad running over search results rather than searching through the internet for your number. 

An effective marketing strategy for electricians will generate a lot of potential leads. After that, it will be up to your customer service standards and business management strategies to turn them into paying clients.

Top 10 Electrician Marketing Tips

Network with other home service businesses

In addition to collaborating with electricians, you should collaborate with other home service companies. Let’s say a business doesn’t have an electrical staff but is willing to renovate a home or business structure extensively. If you get along well with them, they might suggest you handle the electrical work for the refurbishment project. 

To receive supplemental assistance in your marketing strategy, you might similarly establish company relationships with plumbers, carpenters, and painters. 

Email marketing

With focused email marketing, one of today’s most successful marketing methods, your business can often get back $40 for every $1 invested. 

The most effective electrical email marketing campaigns put your business’s name in front of the most clients with the most pertinent content at the ideal time.

Why aren’t more businesses utilizing automated email marketing? It could be because they think they need help to do it themselves or locate a service that can handle it at a reasonable price. Customers often don’t respond to mass emails with generic messages, which lowers conversion rates.


To bring in more revenue for your electrical firm, implement a program for customer referrals.

When the job is finished, ask for a recommendation. You can also do so in a follow-up email or immediately on your plumbing bill.

By providing an incentive, such as a service discount, company swag, or even gift cards, you may persuade your consumers to recommend their friends or relatives.

The foundation for client referrals is excellent customer service.

If you’re giving your customers a wonderful experience, your customer referral program will succeed. 

Using electrical software like ZenElectrical, you can quickly improve your customer service as follows:

  • Through the client hub, allow consumers to request work, review estimates, and pay invoices anytime.
  • Employ a field service. CRM to keep track of crucial consumer information and provide individualized service
  • Send on-my-way texts to your consumers to tell them when you will arrive.
  • Use automated follow-up emails to get customer feedback on your services.
  • Provide easy-to-use touchless payment solutions so clients can pay their invoices more quickly.

Prompt lead responses

Your website should make contacting you as simple as possible for visitors. One of the best ways to do this is to offer an online chat option or, if you have a mobile app, a link to it on your website. 

Remember that your leads might not necessarily choose to work with the first business they contact but rather the first one who replies to their phone or email—especially if they are facing an urgent crisis. 

If you try to contact a lead within five minutes instead of waiting 30 minutes, your chances of success will be 100 times higher.

Measure email campaign results.

Whatever combination or set of electrician marketing techniques your business chooses, the most important thing is to measure the results and make adjustments as necessary. 

To determine what works, compile a marketing scorecard of all current initiatives and link each new consumer to the marketing effort that brought them to you. Spend more money on marketing initiatives that yield better results and cut back on ineffective channels.

You can track the number of calls, scheduled appointments, sales, revenue, cost per lead, and ROI for each electrical advertising source if your business employs call-tracking software like ServiceTitan Phones Pro. 

Building citations

Citations are references to your company in directories, organizations, and online publications. One of many potential citations is your Google My Business listing. YellowPages, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, SuperPages, Manta, BBB, Dexknows,, and Electrician Networks are the leading reference sources for electricians. 

Therefore you should add your company there. As many citations as you can add will help your ranking prospects; the more you have, the better. Find your company on these websites and either build a new profile or claim one already existing.

Google reviews

Maintaining your internet evaluations is a sometimes overlooked strategy to enhance your marketing for electricians and generate more prospects. Most potential clients look for reputable neighborhood electrical services with outstanding internet reviews before scheduling an appointment and deliberately steer clear of businesses with poor ratings or bad reviews.

Positive reviews from real clients help your company gain credibility. 

The typical customer reads ten reviews before believing they can trust a company, according to the 2019 Local Consumer Review Survey. 89% of those aged 35 to 54 believe online reviews to be as dependable as personal recommendations.

Informative expert content

You have additional opportunities to gain search rankings if your website has a blog. The blog can be used to integrate content marketing into your overall plan. 

Instead of focusing on industry professionals, create training materials that speak to your clients. Write on topics like lighting upgrading, generator use, and general safety advice your audience seeks.

Google business page

Verifying your Google My Business page, formerly Google Local, is straightforward and cost-free! To bring in new customers, create a quality business profile. 

You could make a Google My Business profile for each of your company’s electrical businesses in a specific area, provided you add unique addresses and phone numbers for each. 

When a customer in your area searches online for electrical services, your electrical company can generate more leads by appearing on profile 1 of organic Google results if your website is optimized for electricians, has positive client reviews and testimonials, and has a verified Google My Business profile.

Marketing budget

For the most effective electrical business marketing strategy, allocate a particular portion of your sales revenue to electrical advertising through traditional or digital media, depending on what would best expand your customer base. 

According to industry experts, electrical contractors must allocate at least 10 to 15 percent of sales to marketing if they are serious about expanding their businesses. 

As soon as you’ve determined your budget for electrical marketing, you should look at the costs associated with it and decide where to invest your money to generate the most return. 

An online reputation may be built, and mastering digital electrical contractor marketing strategies can increase brand awareness for your electrical firm. 

Mobile friendly website

To tackle the first objective in your electrical contracting business plan, ensure you have a solid online presence and that potential customers can find your website easily from any smartphone or tablet.

Mobile-friendly means that, along with your main electrician website, you also need a version of your site that will quickly display on a mobile gadget and give the users a more comfortable viewing experience. A good web developer can point you in the right direction to apply all the required features, including:

  • Responsive design: The site adapts to whichever screen size is being used.
  • Dynamic serving: Users see an adapted version of your site, depending on their device type.
  • Mobile app development: Creating a mobile electrical app for your business is ideal.


Consider today’s busy homeowner as you plan electrical advertising strategies to boost your business’s search engine rankings. How do they find an electrician when they need one? Get a recommendation from a neighbor? Not as much anymore.

They turn on an electronic device, be it a laptop, desktop computer, mobile tablet, or phone, and search online for “electricians near me,” ideally one with positive reviews. In the past year, 90% of consumers utilized the Internet to find a local business, according to the 2019 Local Consumer Review Survey. 

The most thematically and geographically relevant web pages are found by Google’s algorithm and displayed on the results page when someone searches for “electrician service” or “electrician near me” online.

Use “Boston electrical repair” as one of your primary keyword phrases, for example, if you’re an electrical contractor in Boston. To strengthen your website’s SEO, use keyword variations in headlines, subheadlines, landing pages, content blogs, meta tags, and meta descriptions.

Of course, many potential clients who find you on Google, Nextdoor, Yelp, or somewhere else will go to your website, so you need to make it look good, be simple to use, and be optimized for Google organic search.

Electrical field service management software

Most tasks we’ve covered here can be automated with the best commercial and home service business software. ZenElectrical offers a wide range of automated professional solutions to businesses of all sizes in the home service sector, including electrical contractors, that make it simple for them to increase productivity and cut expenses.

For instance, you may monitor the number of calls, the number of jobs your CSRs booked from those calls, and the sales generated from those jobs in your Smart Electrical Solutions dashboard. 

Track the income generated by each advertising source and the overall cost per lead to determine the genuine ROI for electrical advertising initiatives.

ZenElectrical can assist your electrical business by calculating the marketing ROI for each campaign: 

  • Learn how much money each electrical marketing initiative brings in.
  • Examine the efficiency with which your staff turns leads into appointments and actual sales.
  • Your electrician marketing budget should go toward the appropriate kinds of campaigns.
  • Spend less money on ineffective advertising and poor digital marketing channels.

These qualities consist of the following: 

  • A mobile app for techs
  • A call booking tool
  • A service scheduling tool
  • A dispatching tool
  • Tools for price-book management
  • Estimate and proposal templates and builders
  • Reporting features
  • Payment processing
  • Customer financing
  • Payroll and timesheets
  • Accounting