How Electrical Service Business Can Double Their Sales Using Marketing

Focus on having an appealing website

Talking about the website I am going to emphasize two major aspects of it.

The website design – It holds grave importance as it is the first thing that helps in grabbing the attention of a visitor to the website. I am sure you don’t want your competitors to take away all the customers just because they have a great website which portrays their brand in an interesting manner.

 It takes barely 2-3 seconds for a visitor to your website to create that first impression and it is quite obvious that you want that impression to be the best. The moment they find it unattractive or find the website interface not so engaging they are going to jump off.

Be clear in your head about what kind of content you want on your website and the content should be on the similar grounds of what the customers need.

SEO – Search engine optimization, let me give you a quick explanation about that.

 It is basically optimizing the website so that your website comes on the top of the search engine results when someone is looking out for electrical services in a location. 

Example – “ Best restaurant near my location “ – the moment you type this on google. You will be looking at a list of results. The ones on the top 3-4 positions are the ads and the ones below it are the called organic results. 

Surely you would want your website to be on top of the organic results to get maximum visitors to the website. Just watch this to know how you could do it –

Make sure to have blogs on your website

The prime reason to include blogs is to offer people value through your content. The blogs are a way to engage visitors on the website and nurture them. “Content is king“ – this phrase is never going to grow old. It’s a fact. It drives more traffic to your website, helps increase the conversion rates and also helps increase the website authority and ranking.

Social media platforms

According to Facebook and Hubspot consumption of content has increased by 57% in the last 2 years. A Forbes report analyzed that 25 percent of the users on social media follow social media pages to stay on track with the latest updates. The Statistics are to make you realize the power of social media and how they affect the final purchase decision. It plays an important role in the overall buyer’s journey. Social media requires a brand-building strategy for the desired results.

You can build a connect with the customers by being in continuous touch with them and build a good relationship with the customers using these platforms

Make use of video marketing 

Your electrical business is all about showcasing skills and techniques while resolving electrical issues. So what can be a better way to represent your electrical services than video marketing. It helps you to promote your business online because nowadays more people are interacting with videos than before.

Develop a video marketing strategy keeping in mind your electrical business goals. You can include content related to your services or USP of your business in video. Sharing your video via several social media channels or emails helps you convert visitors into customers.

Online reviews are critical

The power of online reviews is remarkable as it can make or break your business. According to the study, 90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a company’s website. Hence, online reviews help your electrical business stand out firmly in the competitive market. More benefits of online reviews are shown below.

Having positive reviews on your electrical business website is beneficial as the possibility of customers getting attracted to your firm increases. But one negative review can ruin your company’s impression. So, how to track and handle online negative reviews?

There are various online review sites that can be a ladder to improve your business visibility online. These review sites can support you in monitoring an online reputation where consumers can take an informed decision about any product or service.

Add Customer Service in Your Electrical Marketing Strategy

Your whole electrical business success revolves around customer’s responses, decisions, and reviews. Customers will respond to your actions rather than verbal promises. That is exactly why customer service should be part of your electrical marketing strategy. It helps you reduce business costs, increase revenue, and repeat customers.

As per the statistics, 7 in 10 Americans said that they would spend more money on companies providing satisfactory customer service. It is through great service that customers build the trust in your company, become loyal and keep coming back to your company and refer others for the same. Purchase

From social media, email to website live chat process, customer service is a significant part of the marketing strategy. You can create a loyal and happy customer base which helps your electrical business development and growth. However, delivering outstanding customer services is also the best way to gain positive reviews.