Plumbing Marketing Guide: How To Target And Acquire Your Ideal Customer

A reputable plumbing company has little trouble repairing damaged water lines, clogged drains, or leaky faucets. Designing a marketing plan that attracts new clients and expands your organization necessitates an entirely different skill set, especially when your efforts must use digital platforms like Google Ads and social media. 

Conducting a successful marketing campaign can be challenging when simultaneously concentrating on your business’s DAILY operations, such as call booking, scheduling, and customer care.

A great marketing strategy will draw in various plumbing consumers, whether searching for a plumber to handle a bathroom installation, panicking because of a busted pipe, or other plumbing emergencies.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to draw in both types of clients simultaneously, but several plumbing marketing ideas help you speak to the right people at the right time. 

With these 19 marketing strategies for plumbers, you may learn how to expand your business and land more tasks.

Why is Plumbing Marketing Important?

The number of plumbing businesses in the United States in 2021 was over 530,000. More than just good service is required to stay afloat in this market. Your plumbing company may need help bringing in new customers if you use smart marketing. You may advertise your services, build brand recognition, and attract new clients with marketing methods.

19 Plumbing Marketing Strategies to Generate More Leads

Building a Brand

Developing a strong brand can make you stand out and attract new clients.

  • A cohesive visual design, a strong brand message, a distinctive logo, and a customer-focused strategy are all examples of effective branding for a plumber firm. An illustration of branding components for a plumbing company is shown here:
  • Logo: Create a professional, easily recognizable logo with pertinent symbols or images connected to plumbing, such as pipes, wrenches, or water drops.
  • Visual identity: Establish a recognizable visual identity by choosing a color scheme that conveys dependability, cleanliness, and trustworthiness.
  • Slogan: Develop a catchy and persuasive tagline or brand message for your plumbing company, highlighting its unique value offer. 
  • An approach focused on the consumer: Make excellent customer service a part of your brand’s identity. To surpass customers’ expectations, give transparent pricing, respond quickly, and go above and above. 
  • Branded vehicles: Display your logo, brand colors, and contact details on the fleet of company cars. As you go between job sites, this increases brand awareness.
  • Create an online presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn relevant to your business. Promote finished jobs, offer practical plumbing advice, and interact with clients via comments and direct messages.

Email marketing campaigns:

With a return on investment of $40 for every $1 invested, targeted plumbing email marketing is one of the top successful marketing strategies currently available. 

According to Megan Bedford of Mugyver Consulting, the finest plumbing email marketing campaign gets your business’ name in front of the most people with the most pertinent content at the ideal time. Many companies don’t employ automated email marketing because they can’t handle it themselves or find a reliable service at a reasonable price to do it for them. 

Customers often don’t respond to mass emails with generic messages, which lowers conversion rates. 

Mobile-friendly plumbing website:

A mobile-friendly website is crucial because today’s online-connected consumers use it to look up plumbing firm names, read client testimonials, and interact with plumbing marketing strategies. They will lose patience and go on to the next business with a superior plumbing website design if your website isn’t quick, secure, simple to use, and quickly available via their smartphone.

Making sure you have a solid online presence and that customers can access your mobile-friendly website from any smartphone or tablet is the first goal of your plumbing marketing strategy. 

Your website should comfortably show on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to be considered mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website should include only a few images or text blocks.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Consider the modern, busy homeowner when planning plumbing advertising ideas to raise your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) results. Many people hardly even know their neighbors’ names, much less interact with them enough to get a plumber referral.

So, when people require a plumber, they use an electronic device—a phone, mobile tablet, desktop computer, or laptop—and conduct an online search for “plumbers near me” who have a good reputation.

Google’s algorithm looks for results most pertinent to those terms and nearest to the user’s location when they put “plumber near me,” “unclog a drain,” or “fix water leak” into the search bar. Think in local terms when selecting the top keywords people use to get your plumbing firm to rank on Page 1 of Google’s organic search results.

Marketing budget:

Setting up a plumbing marketing budget is allocating a specific portion of your sales revenue to plumber promotion, in whatever proportions your business finds most effective for attracting new clients. 

According to industry experts, if plumbing contractors are serious about expanding their business, they should invest at least 10% of their sales in plumbing marketing.

After determining your budget for plumbing marketing, look at the associated expenditures and choose how best to use your funds to generate the greatest possible return from plumbing marketing.

Building an online reputation and brand awareness for your plumbing business are made possible by mastering digital plumbing advertising strategies. 

When you’ve decided on a budget for your plumber marketing, monitor the effectiveness of each campaign to manage and alter it as needed.

Paid Advertising

Utilize channels for paid advertising, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, to target local prospects.

Here are three paid advertising options for plumbers to help market your services effectively.

  • Google Ads campaigns that are localized: Set up Google Ads campaigns that concentrate on particular regions to target local customers.
  • Marketing on social media: Make specific adverts for homeowners or property owners depending on location, demographics, and interests.
  • Commercial videos: Showcase your plumbing services on websites that allow video advertising, such as YouTube. 

Make compelling educational, entertaining films with advice, solutions, and consumer reviews about plumbing.

Lead tracking and reporting:

Plumbing companies and other service providers should concentrate on lead tracking and reporting to accurately assess their digital marketing strategies’ efficacy. 

Professional plumbing contractors believe your marketing firm needs to assist you in tracking data.

You need complete transparency and detailed information about every lead you generate to assess the cost and precisely compute your ROI. Only then can you decide how to spend your plumbing marketing budget wisely? 

Partner with various businesses:

By partnering with nearby companies like interior design or home renovation companies, you can attract new clients by offering combined deals. To advertise your services, leave your business cards at their establishments, and work with them on digital advertising in emails or websites. Finding local leads is a particularly excellent chance.

Google business profile page:

Simple and cost-free, verification of your Google My Business page is possible. To bring in new clients, take your time when creating a decent Google Business Profile. 

If your plumbing firm runs several businesses, you may create a Google My Business profile for each as long as you add unique locations and phone numbers. 

Your plumbing company can generate more leads by appearing on profile 1 of organic Google results when a local customer searches online for plumbing services by having a well-optimized website, excellent customer reviews, and a verified Google My Business profile. Aside from setting up call tracking to track ROI, businesses can purchase Pay-Per-Click digital ads for increased visibility.

Call tracking software:

Use call-tracking software for complete transparency into which plumbing calls result in actual job leads from clients. You need to install the software and listen to every third call, though, to provide you with a clear picture.

Every call must be carefully listened to and accurately classified. Make a distinction between new and recurring consumers. Eliminate leads from referrals from the equation. Get rid of missed calls and solicitations. Calls related to a direct mail campaign should be filtered for parts requests. 

Each call is monitored and categorized by date, time, caller location, CSR name, booking status, objections, call transcript, and other information. This level of specificity helps organizations identify issues, spot training needs, and resolve issues.

Local Directories:

Websites that list businesses in a specific region or industry include Yelp and Yellow Pages, for example. You can contact new clients in your neighborhood by submitting to them. People looking for local services frequently utilize these directories, which typically appear in the top spots of web search results. And these websites are generally free.

Geo-tracking and local SEO:

The art of local SEO and choosing the appropriate local audience for your business both require similar plumbing marketing strategies. It’s a strategy for contacting local customers looking online for “plumbers near me.”

Do you know the number of homeowners in the region you serve? Do you know your clients’ ages, genders, median household income, and credit scores? Do you know the most popular plumbing-related keywords in your area?

Before beginning any internet marketing strategy for plumbers, find out as much as possible about your target audience. Join neighborhood communities on Nextdoor and Alignable to generate referral traffic, publish plumbing advertisements in nearby neighborhoods, or upload a humorous video to neighborhood Facebook groups to attract new clients.

Lead generation

While some plumbers claim that using lead-generating services pays off, others need help understanding its worth since they frequently end up shelling out money for ineffective leads that never result in actual work.

Listing your business on powerful websites like Yelp or Angi will help your plumbing firm reach the top of natural Google searches, as more than 90% of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the past year. 

Read the tiny print before signing up to determine whether you’ll benefit from investing. Find out which platforms are most effective in your industry by conducting some research.

Curate expert plumbing content:

You can distribute plumbing-related hints, advice, and how-tos on your website or social media channels.

Use these as the subjects and articles for your content plan.

  • Guidelines for plumbing upkeep
  • Plumbing solutions that use less energy
  • Creating a bathroom that is both practical and fashionable
  • Seasonal plumbing advice:
  • Sustainable plumbing techniques

When writing authoritative content, address common worries, offer helpful information, and demonstrate your plumbing experience. Consider integrating relevant images, how-to tutorials, and real-world examples as you adapt the content to the needs and preferences of your target audience.

Direct mail marketing:

Numerous businesses succeed in fusing conventional direct mail marketing with social media posts and other digital plumbing marketing. Choose the plumbing company marketing strategy that suits your needs the most. 

Some businesses can better understand their clients by giving back to the neighborhood. Giving a neighbor in need a free plumbing repair or contributing money to a nearby Little League team are two examples of what this may entail. These initiatives not only advance charity but also build credibility and brand recognition.

Catchy logo designs for plumbers, intriguing company names, and engaging plumbing advertisements can all help creative direct mail marketing catch clients’ attention. It also doesn’t hurt to offer a reward or voucher to encourage action.

Facebook business page:

Social media marketing helps promote your plumbing company by getting in front of potential clients already spending time online.

Utilizing Facebook as part of your marketing strategy will expose your plumbing company to thousands of new clients thanks to its 2.9 billion monthly active users. 

Start by setting up your business page if you are starting your plumbing company or still need an account.

Then, make sure your Facebook company page is optimized by adding details about your plumbing company, your team, examples of your work, and client testimonials.

Partnering with local builders:

Check with nearby contractors to see if they have any future projects that call for the design and installation of water systems.

To determine whether your plumbing firm will be a good fit, share your knowledge, experience, and price.

Alternative marketing methods:

Combining offline and online marketing tactics may be the most successful strategy to generate new leads or retain current clients, depending on your business region and target audience. 

For your plumbing firm, consider the following offline marketing tactics.

Refrigerator magnets 

Leave behind refrigerator magnets bearing your name, company logo, and contact information. This can be a helpful reminder for clients needing your services again. 

Covers for vans

As you and your specialists travel from job to job, your van wraps are like moving billboards, bringing new consumers into your service region. 


Install or repair plumbing equipment with brand stickers so your clients know who to contact immediately for repairs or regular maintenance.

Postcards or flyers If you’re starting your plumbing company or offering your services in a new neighborhood, handing out flyers door-to-door can help spread the word. This can also be a helpful marketing strategy if you have a special offer or want to highlight a popular seasonal service.

Exceptional Customer Service:

ZenPlumbing’s Smart Plumbing Solutions all-in-one software has capabilities that may help you manage your entire plumbing business in addition to assisting you in improving your marketing strategy. 

Among the features of ZenPlumbing are the following: 

  • A mobile app for techs
  • A call booking tool
  • A service scheduling tool
  • A dispatching tool
  • Tools for price-book management
  • Estimate and proposal templates and builders
  • Reporting features
  • Payment processing
  • Customer financing
  • Payroll and timesheets
  • Accounting

A fluid workflow throughout your company is made possible by the complete integration and communication between these products, eliminating the need for time-consuming information transfers.