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Customizable Electronic forms

Digital safety forms & inspection checklists for paperless data collection

Fully customizable dynamic forms on mobile app to perform paperless inspections & generate reports, deficiencies, recommendations.

  • Go paperless and save 20+ hours each week
  • Automatically convert deficiencies to estimates
  • Use a compatible mobile app (android & iOS)
  • Create checklists & forms the way you want
  • Have real-time insights and 24/7 live customer support

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Everyone's smart choice.

Forms and checklists, the way you want

No loss of data

Access your dynamic inspection forms and home safety checklist in offline mode

We understand that your techs might have to work in places with low internet connectivity. 

SmartServ app lets techs access all the forms, checklists, reports, or other documents in offline mode. The techs can upload pictures and notes without an internet connection.

The media will upload to the cloud, and as soon as the internet connectivity returns, the back-office personnel can access all of it. Therefore, no data ever gets lost.

offline capabilities

Still using manual checklists and paper forms? It’s time to move on!

Easy to access. Convenience at your fingertips.

Let your technicians access multiple easy-to-read forms and safety checklists through iPads.

Quick mobile access. Everything’s a click away.

Get things handy on your mobile, tablets, or web. No device restrictions! All your inspection forms, home safety checklist, notes, pictures, and other media are accessible on the go.

Stop with the manual work already!

Reduce paperwork and heavy weight lifting of files with digitized checklists.

Save extra time on your clock. Who’s up for a coffee instead?

Say no photocopying, scanning, and managing redundant paperwork processes.


Who’s waiting? No one.

Are you still waiting for technicians to come and share paper templates? No more waiting. No more back-and-forth driving. Share the forms through email with customers and the back office in realtime. 

Take the magic in your hand.

Create your own checklists, choose from multiple custom checklists and forms or assign SmartServ to digitize your existing fire safety checklists and forms.

Industries we serve

Companies need the right tools in the office. Give your CSRs and office managers the tool to quickly pull up service history when customers call.Easily identify which customers are up to date with their balances and who needs a reminder.

chetna notify

“My technicians and dispatchers just can’t stop talking about how this software is helping them save more than 24 hours a week. My team converted more than 15 NFPA checklist excel forms to digital forms. Now we can pull up reports whenever we want. Schedule recurring inspections. I have an extra day in a week to spend time with my family”


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