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A FieldEdge Alternative that offers Live Customer Support and more Features

Because of significant technical advances, today’s virtual market can supply you with all the integrations and services your firm may demand. However, expecting a single vendor to handle your company’s needs may be unreasonable. You will sometimes confront difficulties even if you plan your business from A to Z. 

The most challenging problem every contractor has, especially in a field service firm, is running the business efficiently. Only when you run your business effectively will it expand. 

Investing in good field service management software is thus the best solution. Because such software automates the deployment and tracking of all operations and workers, it provides fantastic assistance for you and your field technicians.

One well-known field service management software is FieldEdge, a web-based program available from the office and the field, allowing you to manage your business while on the road.

But your business needs could require something extra that might not be available with Fieldegde, so we bring to your attention a few FieldEdge alternative software. 

You may need numerous elements like 24/7 customer support, live assistance, and offline availability. These will aid you in selecting the ideal field service solution for your organization. As a result, we studied and offered information in this post on the most suitable FieldEdge alternative, which will assist you in avoiding the drawbacks of FieldEdge and improving your service business. One of these alternatives is SmartServ, a feature-rich alternative to FieldEdge that offers many more necessary features

About FieldEdge

A cloud-based field service management solution FieldEdge is for home service professionals working in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical areas. Customer support, scheduling and dispatch, invoicing, service agreement development, customer history monitoring, customized reporting and analytics, and other capabilities enable businesses to manage their operations remotely.

 The dispatch board function suggests work order management and service call assignment to users based on the technician’s skill set and the expected location. Furthermore, FieldEdge streamlines and automates service billing and scheduling. It is also compatible with QuickBooks. 

They also raise consumer quality to differentiate themselves from the competition in the market. It is well-known for supporting organizations in acquiring in-depth detailed reports to make well-informed decisions. 

Get 24/7 Live Support and work Offline with SmartServ

Although FieldEdge provides excellent service management, project scheduling, and workforce dispatching, it needs a few elements that could assist you in selecting the ideal field service solution for your business. Customers may seek FieldEdge alternatives as a result of these shortcomings.

FieldEdge and SmartServ have strong baseline characteristics; nuances and variations in their capabilities exist. SmartServ caters to these disadvantages and a few other attributes by providing customizable features and a user interface that makes it simple to construct the proper workflow for your company.

Let us compare the features offered by SmartServ and FieldEdge for a detailed overview.




24/7 customer support

Offline Access


Real-Time Scheduling


Digital Signature


Document Storage




Add/Edit Photos


Records Managemen


Forms Management


Real-Time Notifications


In-Vehicle Navigation


Cost Estimation


Video Support


Service Order Creation


Best 4 FieldEdge Alternatives you Need

1. SmartServ


SmartServ is the best FieldEdge replacement for resolving all FieldEdge problems. In addition to its exceptional functionality and customer support, the program is well-known for its user-friendly design. As a result, switching to SmartServ will be simple. It includes a robust reporting system that allows you to extract data with a few clicks and get in-depth insights to help you make informed decisions. The field service management software gives outstanding back-end assistance to assist you in avoiding and removing roadblocks to a successful business operation. SmartServ is one of the most cost-effective tools on the market, which distinguishes it.

SmartServ’s standard features include

You can use the software to scale your firm and achieve your goals, regardless of industry or scale. It offers a robust dashboard that allows you to manage and monitor your service workforce’s schedule. In no time, you’ll be able to establish and manage customer relationships, send invoices, automate programs, accept payments, and generate extensive reports. Selecting a continuous communication line between your on-the-ground personnel and management can reduce impediments to efficient and effective workflow.

FieldEdge Alternatives

2. MobiWork

Another powerful field software management software suitable for startups and medium-sized organizations is ideal for landscaping. It includes a contact database, work order administration, payment processing, inventory control, and route optimization, all in one location.

This business management software provides reporting with a daily dashboard, online measures, and daily job verification.

Because it includes CRM software, you can track and manage client information, contacts, profiles, and phone calls. You can keep track of each client’s preferences and give more customized communications and services.

3. Kickserv

It is challenging to run a successful field management company. However, if you have the correct tools, you can handle it to a certain amount. Kickserv, a cloud-based field service management tool, is a good option for small firms. This field service management software aids in the handling of leads, estimates, jobs, invoices, and payments.


As a business owner or contractor, collecting money from your clients is simplified. You can send invoices to customers by email or text and track when they are received. You can also pay online using a credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

4. Workiz

Workiz is a small- to medium-sized field service organization’s alternative to FieldEdge. The field service management software’s scheduling, invoicing, estimating, and payment process functions serve to streamline the business.

Its specialties include HVAC, carpet, plumbing, electrical, locksmith, garbage disposal, and garage services. The program facilitates completing critical tasks such as reporting, online booking, and quote management.

Furthermore, the calendar and the booking widget are in real-time sync. It also helps you find the client quickly using its CRM and informs you if you make a duplicate entry that matches the previous entry.

Excellent features brought to you by SmartServ

To sell SmartServ as a prime candidate, you need reasons and objectives to demonstrate that SmartServ has excellent usability and an edge over the advanced features they provide at a sensible, inexpensive cost.

The following are some of SmartServ’s most prized qualities and characteristics.

Keep your QuickBooks connection active.

SmartServ is one of the top QuickBooks software connections. Don’t even think about it. You may rapidly import your data into QuickBooks to avoid tiresome labor and error-prone procedures.

After acquiring SmartSev, you will not need to modify your financial activity or setup it up. Because of SmartServ’s simple syncing, you can continue to use QuickBooks for your business with confidence.

You can use features even offline.

Even if your technician visits a service area with a bad internet connection, they will be able to use all of SmartServ’s essential field services, such as

Estimates and invoices are generated offline.

While your smartphone is turned off, you can create and save estimates and invoices.

Keep Track of Performance Metrics

SmartServ provides organizations with the tools and methodologies to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) entails collecting a large amount of data and transforming it into relevant metrics that can be tracked and displayed in easily understandable charts and dashboards. With our KPI tracking feature, you can monitor and analyze the performance indicators of your team and technicians.

You will be assigned an Account Manager and receive first-rate Onboarding and Client Service.

SmartServ will provide a good onboarding experience and exceptional customer support and service. When you contact SmartServ, you will not have to deal with a different person each time; instead, you may contact your dedicated account manager anytime via text, phone, or email.

This can help you complete your daily tasks more quickly while keeping your employees motivated. SmartServ benefits from the expertise of a professional account manager. An account manager will handle all of your questions, concerns, and requests, acting as your single point of contact and interacting on SmartServ’s behalf.

A low-cost method of obtaining distinctive characteristics.

SmartServ attempts to cater to all aspects of a business and provide solutions to help you manage your work operations properly.

Standard and premium features are affordable. They will also provide you with a free consultation.

The complete list of features is available here.


With such excellent features, opting for this FieldEdge Alternative to ensure streamlined operations, expansion, and income growth makes sense. Managing the entire business and your team is the most challenging pain point. Maintaining the customer database and providing excellent customer service is also critical.

To stay up with your industry’s fierce competition, you must improve customer satisfaction and manage your field personnel.

If you want more unique features, excellent support, and an easy-to-use interface, SmartServ is the way to go.

SmartServ stands out in terms of features and cost.

It can assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your service business and securing additional money to accomplish your goals.

You may explore all of the features here, or you can schedule a free demo and trial to see how it can benefit your business.

This field management software has all the functionality required to improve field service management efficiency.

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