mHelpDesk vs SmartServ:
Pricing, Features, Service Comparison

A better Support and much-needed features

Today, the virtual market can offer you all the integrations and services your business might need, which has been possible due to the vast technological advancements. But expecting one source to satisfy every requirement in your business workflow could be quixotic. Being able to anticipate a business process’s future needs and necessities is seldom possible unless the software you have acquired for your workflow and procedures is highly integrated with your business. 

One of the highly streamlined and effective field service management software is mHelpDesk. It is known for assisting businesses in obtaining in-depth detailed reports to make well-informed judgments. The platform is also recognized for being able to increase consumer quality to stand out from the competition in the business. 

To handle the increased scale of the business and address the difficulties, you’ll require a field service management product like mHelpDesk.

Although the program provides quality service management, project scheduling, and workforce dispatching, it lacks some characteristics that might assist you in selecting the most satisfactory field service solution for your firm.

A feature-rich and economical alternative to mHelpDesk, SmartServ offers you 24*7 customer support along with a dedicated account manager. 

A cloud-based field service management software, SmartServ assists HVAC, plumbing, and electrical enterprises in managing jobs, technicians, and payments on a unified platform. Real-time notifications, dispatch, contact management, customizable reporting, and analytics are available.

The scheduling function in the application allows managers to build up a timeline for assignments, distribute resources based on availability or skills, and check the location, status, and history of work via the dashboard. SmartServ can be used by businesses to manage accounts payable/receivable, monitor transactions, track billable hours, and generate estimates, invoices, and purchase orders. Team members can build monthly or annual agreements, view recent and scheduled visits, send automated reminders to clients for pending maintenance, and track field sales using commission reports.

It integrates with the third-party program QuickBooks, allowing accounting teams to synchronize contacts, quotes, vendor information, tasks, and more. The inventory module in SmartServ assists users in managing replenishment, stock levels, order fulfillment, and inter-warehouse transfers.

We have analyzed and shared information below on the best mHelpDesk alternative, SmartServ, to assist you in avoiding the disadvantages of mHelpDesk and boosting your service quality and revenues.

Features Comparison

While mHelpDesk and SmartServ both possess great standard features there are a few dissimilarities and variations between all the features they offer. According to reviews and market research, SmartServ has been rated highly on its ease of use and productive, useful features.

To get a better distinction, take a look at this comparison of the features SmartServ and mHelpDesk offer.




Unlimited Customer Database

KPI Tracking






Batch payment


Image Capture


In-Vehicle Navigation


Assigned Account Manager


Wisetack Installment


Employee Spiff Management


Offline Estimation & Invoicing


Document Storage


Location Tracking


Asset Tracking






About mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk accommodates a wide range of scheduled and irregular workflows and one-time and recurring appointments. Their invoicing system is fully connected with simple scheduling software, allowing for one-click invoicing with job monitoring and reporting that ensures payment. By integrating with third-party accounting systems such as Quickbooks, mHelpDesk assists customers in eliminating double data entry.

The software can assist in keeping track of client interactions so that employees may get the information they require at any time.

Their configurable fields make it simple to track specific information related to your company, which can be viewed in real-time by employees and technicians on mobile devices in the field or office.

It enables third-party integration and is available on Android and iOS, boosting its accessibility. It offers an intuitive UX/UI that may provide a good user experience with robust features and good customer service. One of the tool’s most notable characteristics is its ability to be utilized offline, allowing for smooth communication and program use even when the internet connection is weak.

Common drawbacks in mHelpDesk

A few of the features and aspects that mHelpDesk does not indulge in yet are:

These drawbacks can make customers look for a mHelpDesk alternative.

Catering to these drawbacks and a few other aspects is SmartServ bringing to you, customizable features and a user interface that makes it simple to design the ideal workflow for your company.

Some of their regular features

About SmartServ

SmartServ is the most excellent mHelpDesk alternative for overcoming all of the challenges associated with mHelpDesk. With outstanding features and customer support, the software is also praised for its user-friendly interface. As a result, transitioning to SmartServ will be simple.

It includes a robust reporting system that allows you to extract data with a few clicks and gain in-depth insights for making sound decisions. The field service management software offers outstanding back-end assistance to assist you in avoiding and removing obstacles to a smooth business process. SmartServ is one of the most affordable tools accessible, which distinguishes it.

You can use the software to scale your firm and reach your intended goals, regardless of industry or scale. It includes a robust dashboard that allows you to regulate your service workforce’s schedule and keep an overview of the issue.

In no time, you will be able to develop and manage client relationships, send invoices, automate schedules, process payments, and extract thorough reports. You can establish a seamless communication line between your on-the-ground crew and management to remove the impediments to productive and efficient workflow.

The standard features of SmartServ are

Features you get with SmartServ

Just like scientists give proof to corroborate their hypothesis, you need reasons and objectives that will prove the hypothesis that SmartServ has excellent usability and an edge over the advanced features they provide, at reasonable, low prices. 

Given below are some of SmartServ’s prized features and characteristics that should win you over.

Get an assigned Account Manager and receive top-notch Onboarding and Client Service. 

SmartServ will provide you with an excellent onboarding experience and exceptional customer support and service. And when you contact SmartServ, you won’t have to speak with a different representative each time; you may connect with your dedicated account manager by text, phone, or email whenever you need them. This will expedite your daily tasks while also keeping your employees engaged. SmartServ’s expertise is enhanced with a dedicated account manager. An account manager will handle all your inquiries, queries, and requests, acting as your single point of contact and communicating on SmartServ’s behalf.

Economical solution to procure excellent features.

SmartServ looks towards catering to all aspects of a business and tries to provide you with features that will help manage your work processes successfully. 

You can avail of their standard and premium features at a reasonable and affordable price. You can also procure free consultation services from them.

You can view the complete features list here.

Create Estimates and Invoices Offline

You can create estimates and invoices and save them while your device is offline. 

Track Performance Metrics

SmartServ offers the tools and procedures that businesses employ to monitor performance metrics. Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) entails collecting detailed data and translating it into meaningful metrics that can be tracked and published in easily digestible charts and dashboards. With our KPI tracking feature, you can track and analyze the performance metrics of your team and technicians. 

Stay integrated with QuickBooks.

SmartServ is one of the most excellent QuickBooks software integrations. Forget about double. To save tiresome labor and error-prone processes, you can have all of your data imported to QuickBooks quickly.

After acquiring SmartSev, you will not need to move to a new configuration or change your financial activity. With SmartServ’s simple syncing, you can continue to use QuickBooks with confidence for your organization.

Get access to features while offline.

If your technician travels to a service area with a weak internet connection, they can still use all of the essential field functions on SmartServ’s application, such as


Given these features, you now understand why you should choose an alternative for mHelpDesk to ensure streamlined processes, growth, and revenue boost. If you want more functionality with good support and an easy-to-use UI, SmartServ is the way to go.

SmartServ stands out from the crowd in terms of features and affordability. 

It can assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your service firm and locking in more income to achieve your desired goals.

You can look over all of the features here or schedule a free demo and get a free trial to see the transformation in your business. 

Try us. You will love the SmartServ experience.

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