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Now Recieve your Payments on Time, with more Safer & Secure Hands

  • Accept payments without delays or errors
  • Monitor all the payments under one dashboard
  • No hidden charges
  • All types of card payments accepted
  • Low transaction fees and complete transparency
Smartserv integrates stripe


Get a Fully Integrated Suit of Payments Products

Our customers will get a fully integrated suite of payment products with Stripe. With Stripe, a customer gets both credit card processing services as well as payment gateway services. Stripe takes a technology-first approach to solving problems in payments and finance and hence, it releases new features and updates every year to make payment processing even more seamless.

Batch Payments

Multiple payments from a single customer can be batched together to avoid paying a transaction fee on every transaction. You just need to save your customer’s payment information and then you can bundle the payments and charge once through your system. You can also subscribe your customer to a $0/month plan and create an invoice item for each small payment. By default, Stripe will pay the invoice automatically with each billing cycle.

Stripe Payments


Unmatchable Security Features

Stripe is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected as well as PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. This means that your financial information (credit card details, bank account details, and passwords) are encrypted and transmitted securely. Your information is always safe and secure.

Stripe provides payment processing or gateway solutions that allow customers to make safe and secure transactions from their credit cards or bank accounts in a wide range of currencies. Stripe is also one of the most effortless payment platforms to set recurring payments and offers additional services such as billing, invoicing, and sales tax automation.

Few of the Bleeding-Edge Features We Provide

$0/ Monthly Platform Fee

Only 2.9% + 30 ¢ per txn.

Auto Daily Payouts

No Hidden / Setup Fee

24x7 Live Support

Realtime Dashboard & Reports

Seamless Onboarding

SmartServ Software dashboard
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SmartServ is revolutionizing the Field Service industry by providing cutting-edge software to non-desk workers. SmartServ comprises a team of highly motivated engineers and developers who understand the needs of the industry and thrive on making the lives of field service managers easier and helping them in growing their businesses. Our ever-growing community of 1000+ field service contractors is a testament to our hard work and dedication. SmartServ is a platform made by the field service contractors for the field service contractors.

"My technicians and dispatchers just can't stop talking about how this software is helping them save more than 24 hours a week. My team converted more than 15 NFPA checklist excel forms to digital forms. Now we can pull up reports whenever we want. Schedule recurring inspections. I have an extra day in a week to spend time with my family"
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Few of the Bleeding-Edge Features We Provide

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