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SmarTServ Features Release

Tuesday, 21st June 2022

Web Platform

1. Group Scheduling

The SmartServ platform now offers the capability to let the user create technician groups and then schedule jobs for all of them with just one click.

With this feature you can create visits for multiple technicians in one go. All the technicians in the group will be alerted about the job on their mobile device.

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2. Download/Print Service Agreements

With this new functionality you can now download/print all your Service Agreements from the Service Agreements list view in just one click.

3. Payment Method Filter in the Report

As we’ve added more payment partners to the platform, such as Wisetack, we’ve revised the payment reports so you can filter payments by payment method.

Web, iOS & Android PlatfoRm

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4. Add Notes for Every Visit

The office managers will now be able to add notes for every single visit while scheduling a job. These notes will be visible only to the assigned technician for that visit on their mobile devices.

5. Hide Line Item Quantity

With this new setting you can now also hide the quantity of a line item (equipment, service) from the Invoice & Estimates.

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6. Convert Estimate Without Tickets Directly to Invoice

No need to create tickets!, you can now convert all the estimates created without a ticket into invoice. These estimates & invoice will be saved under the customer profile.

Note that you can only convert an estimate into invoice after the estimate status is marked “sold” or it has a customer signature on it.

Android Platform

7. Edit Job Description

Just like we have it on the iOS devices, the technicians can now edit the job description from the android device as well.

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