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SmartCall Integration

Stay proactive and book appointments quickly through customer information popping up instantly with every call.

Web Booking

Score more jobs by allowing your website visitors to book appointments on the website with all available slot details.

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Update Jobs With A Simple Drag & Drop Feature

Manage routine scheduling program, including assigning jobs to the techs, tracking job status, work location, and more, just with clicks! Make any updates with easy drag & drop.

Track Real-Time Job Update Status With Color Code

Add color and convenience to your dashboard by using different colors for different job updates.

How it works

Get instant customer information through web booking or call integration with every call and greet the customer by name with pre-populated details.
Understand the job requirements and add them to the ticket without the hassle of forgetting to mark the job source.
Move to the scheduler, find the most suitable technician and book the job according to the time slot.
Job Details
Your technicians get notified about the job and have access to all the customer service history and job details on their iPad or mobile devices.
You can track the location of your tech at any hour to make sure they are on time for the job and are not hanging out at McDonald’s!
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How it works

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Companies need the right tools in the office. Give your CSRs and office managers the tool to quickly pull up service history when customers call.Easily identify which customers are up to date with their balances and who needs a reminder.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, we are always here to answer them.

Service Scheduling software for field service businesses digitizes the manual job scheduling process. The users can improve organization and schedule more jobs with a click! It enables the user to assign the right jobs to the right people and track work hours, job status, tech location, and more digitally. The user can save time by automating and simplifying routine tasks. Moreover, the paperless platform allows users to save dollars while streamlining the process.

Scheduling and dispatching software eliminates manual work and speeds up the process right from a customer call come into the completion of the job. Service scheduling software saves time and money by automating daily monotonous tasks and completing them in seconds. The user can quickly assign the right techs to the right jobs, check each tech’s availability, categorize and color code different jobs, and more. Similarly, the users can also track their daily progress, job status, job hours, tech location, etc. Thus, it helps field service businesses to improve efficiency.

SmartServ is a cost-effective dispatching software for small businesses that is customizable to your management needs. Unlike most field service dispatch software companies, SmartServ offers 24/7 customer support with all the essential features to automate your business operations. Your techs can access all the necessary job details and customer information with a click. With our one-stop platform, save 20+ hours every week. The paperless platform draws a 10.4% increase in ticket size with a 200% increase in maintenance contracts over time.

SmartServ serves as the best service scheduling software, dispatching software, estimating software, and invoice software, all in one place!

Moreover, our field service management software is recognized as the Best Value Software by Capterra.

Yes. SmartServ provides a scheduling app compatible with both Android and Apple iOS users.

The techs on the field can access all customer details like work history, billing details, and more on the go. The techs can send voice commands for notes and access custom templates available for estimates and invoicing.

Weak internet network? No worries because the scheduling app operates even in offline mode! And the best part, it is user-friendly and connects field techs with the back office in real-time without interruptions.

Yes. SmartServ dispatching software offers customer support anytime and anywhere throughout the day. A dedicated account manager stays in touch with each business for any queries. SmartServ also provides a dispatching app for tech convenience on-field. Need assistance? SmartServ’s a call away!

Yes. SmartServ scheduling and dispatch software integrates with Intuit QuickBooks. It supports both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. With QuickBooks integration, SmartServ eliminates the double-entry requirements for accounts and bookkeeping. It ensures direct QuickBooks sync with timesheets and enhances payroll management. For more details, review SmartServ QuickBooks Integration.

Yes, QuickBooks can schedule jobs. With its calendar feature, you can easily create and manage appointments for your business. You can also set up recurring events to be automatically added to the schedule at regular intervals. Additionally, you have the ability to send notifications and reminders when an appointment is coming up or if someone needs to reschedule a meeting. This makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to stay organized with their schedules without needing additional software or services. But scheduling efficiency is not as great as service scheduling software or field service software.

Field service management software is a type of software designed to help a field service business management service delivery, service technicians, job assignments, service scheduling, client requests, and other field service processes involved in providing services outside of their office. This includes scheduling software, dispatching, customer management, and invoicing tasks that are related to field service work, such as repairs or installations. It also helps with tracking inventory levels, routing technicians efficiently, and automating administrative tasks. Field Service Management Software provides an efficient way for companies to manage their mobile workforce while keeping customers satisfied by ensuring the timely completion of jobs.

Field service scheduling software is designed to help field service business manage the scheduling of their field services. It enables companies to plan, assign, and track work orders for technicians in the field, ensuring that all tasks are completed on time and within budget. Field service scheduling software can be used by any industry that requires personnel to travel outside their office or facility in order to complete jobs such as plumbing, HVAC repair, electrical maintenance, or landscaping.

To use field service scheduling software effectively, first, you need to identify what kind of job needs doing; then you can create a work order with details about the task, including location information and customer contact information if needed. Once it’s created, it’s important that your field service technicians know about it so they can begin assigning technicians to each job based on availability and the skill set required for completion—this is where having an effective communication system comes into play!

Field service scheduling software makes it much easier to manage service schedules for field service technicians multiple jobs as they automate scheduling. Scheduling tools also help in eliminating potential errors associated with traditional methods such as pen and paper systems, resulting in a more efficient workflow overall! 

A field service scheduling software can help to schedule field service technicians with a visual scheduler display. It helps to assign the right field tech to the right job without wasting time. So field technicians reach the job site with expertise in specified tasks, and service requests are entertained with customer satisfaction. Service teams can also use a mobile field service app to keep track of the schedule, communicate with customers, make notes on current jobs and give a great customer experience.

Scheduling services can be a difficult task for many organizations. This is because there are so many variables to consider when creating an effective schedule, such as customer demand and employee availability. Additionally, scheduling services requires the organization to anticipate customer needs in order to ensure that its service offerings meet those requirements. It also requires the organization to have a clear understanding of its resources and service technicians and how best they should be allocated in order for them to maximize efficiency while still providing quality service delivery. Therefore it is a daunting task to schedule service technicians without field service scheduling software. SmartServ field service software streamlines the scheduling of field workers with features including drag-and-drop scheduling.

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