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Revolutionizing Trade Businesses

“The very first lines of code for SmartServ was written with the help of our contractors”

Letter from our founders

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and engineers dedicated to providing Non-Desk workers with cutting-edge tools for collaboration, streamlining, and troubleshooting. Management of the non-desk industry remains one of the most daunting services yet to be revolutionized with 21st-century technologies. Non-desk workers are forced to rely on antiquated technologies, but with SmartServ, we’re changing this. By creating specific trade solutions for non-desk workers that enable mobile app-driven workforce collaboration, we’re empowering the non-desk workforce to have more control over their business through industry-standard metrics. No more confounded phone descriptions and intimidating manuals– SmartServ makes it easy for field technicians to access information and build upon solutions right from the start.

We started building our platform right after speaking with our initial customers and discovered the pain they were going through each day to do their everyday essential job functions. We found out this was not just the story of a single contractor but across the States. Hence, we started working closely with industry specialists and built SmartServ from the ground up(by and for Service Contractors). Our vision is to implement SmartServ across all non-desk workers worldwide and become a single unified umbrella for the best tools available for the non-desk workforce.

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Our Milestones

"We began our journey to help field service contractors thrived in 2017. Our goal is to be a leader in automating & providing specific trade solutions to various industries to facilitate faster, easier, and more cost-effective routine tasks. The contractors helped us come full circle to build SmartServ. To this day, the current client base is 1000+ and growing. We blend modern financial services and business consulting to help your contractors grow from a 360 lens. "

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