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10 New Technologies in Plumbing: Innovations Shaping the Plumbing Industry

In this article on new technology in plumbing, we will discuss the following:

  1. Top 10 new technology in plumbing
    1. SmartServ Smart Plumbing
    2. Advanced touchless faucet
    3. Contactless toilet
    4. Smart water heater
    5. Hot water recirculation
    6. WiFi water filtration
    7. Smart toilet
    8. Leak detectors
    9. Bluetooth showerhead
    10. Greywater recycling system
  2. Conclusion 

Plumbing software might benefit your company if you’re a plumber and understand other items and cutting-edge technology. After all, if you know what your customers want, you can provide them with those new things. 

However, how would one know which innovations in plumbing would be most in demand? We can help with that. 

Thanks to modern plumbing technology, homeowners can save time and money today. And the Environmental Protection Agency claims that adopting more water-saving fixtures and equipment can help homeowners save at least 20% more water.

We harvested information from millions of Google queries linked to plumbing to determine which plumbing technologies are in demand (on the presumption that a high search volume indicates a high demand). The data was later sorted, examined and is now available for review. 

We only used searches with “buyer intent” in the background. To put it another way, we only included questions that a user might type while purchasing. We didn’t have purely informative inquiries, like “How does a tankless water heater work?”

Utilize this information to comprehend better the plumbing industry and the services and goods you could provide your clients.

We at SmartServ have created a knowledge vault for plumbing contractors and technicians like yourself. Head to our website for more informative articles to enhance your business knowledge. 

SmartServ’s Smart Plumbing Solutions field service management software can also streamline and optimize your workflow to generate growth and more revenue for your business! 

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Top 10 new technology in plumbing

The plumbing sector has experienced several trends that have come and gone in recent years. Plumbing experts have been leveraging these trends to inform their immediate business decisions, from cutting-edge equipment that increases productivity to the advanced technology used for convenience.

To better satisfy client expectations and gain an advantage over your rivals, as an expert in this field, staying current with these trends and technology is critical.

In the upcoming years, the plumbing sector will be dominated by the following ten hot technologies.


ZenPlumbing’s plumbing business management software brings the office to the field and can streamline the productivity of your plumbing business. 

With ZenPlumbing, communicate all the task specifications via the app without worrying about compatibility because the software is compatible with every device and operating system.

On a mobile tablet, technicians can swiftly estimate plumbing projects and send customers invoices while connected to the office. 

Keep tabs on all the information and your situation, including your current and future employment status. You will benefit from being aware of the progress of all the finished, ongoing, and upcoming jobs.

Send estimates and invoice your clients from anywhere. The follow-up process is fully automated, and the invoices generated by this software will be quick and error-free.

You can see what’s working and what isn’t with ZenPlumbing’s reporting software, and you’ll have the information you need to expand your plumbing company.

Advanced touchless faucet

A few years ago, voice-activated faucets were a plumbing innovation of the future. Homeowners now have various options for hands-free bathroom and kitchen faucets, though.

These intelligent faucets, which a virtual voice assistant manages, enable water to be turned on or off without touching the handle and deliver precise volumes of water only when required.

Another modern option that is now widely available for your client’s home or workplace is touchless faucets with motion sensors, which were previously exclusively found in commercial settings.

Contactless toilet

As practically everything becomes automated, consumers demand more fundamental fittings for their homes. More bathroom indulgences, like smart toilets that open, flush, or self-clean, are now possible thanks to developments in plumbing technology.

Other high-tech toilet features include heated seats, motion-activated night lights, and air drying to reduce fumbling in the dark. In addition to enhanced cleanliness and water savings, customers seek out smart plumbing technologies.


Smart water heater

Homes use roughly 18% of their energy to heat the water, so it makes sense for homeowners to search for ways to cut costs. Smart water heaters include remote on/off controls, so no energy is wasted heating water while no one is home.

The water heater will be ready when needed thanks to the usage of data on water temperature and water consumption trends by these smart plumbing equipment.

You can discover smart gadgets to attach directly to your existing water heaters if you want high-tech plumbing and heating capabilities on your water heater but want to keep your appliances the same.

Hot water recirculation

Hot water recirculation has a lot in common with tankless water heaters. Systems that utilize hot water recirculation maintain a continual flow of hot water through the pipes to deliver hot water immediately. 

Without a hot water recirculation system, the hot water cools in the pipes, necessitating additional water pumping through them (and down the drain) to maintain the desired hot water temperature. 

The most popular hot water recirculation companies are: 

  • Watts
  • Grundfos
  • Laing

Like tankless water heaters, hot water recirculation pumps have two key benefits. First, they make sure that hot water is always accessible. You can enter the shower immediately without waiting for it to warm up. 

Since you don’t have to wait for the water to heat up, hot water recirculation pumps prevent a substantial amount of water from going down the drain. This is possibly more significant than accessible hot water and is in the interest of the environment’s welfare and your bank account.


WiFi water filtration

Thanks to advanced plumbing technology, whole-house water filtration systems may be monitored, allowing homeowners to monitor their water usage and get notifications on their smartphones in case of a leak or a running faucet. 

Users can remotely turn off the water using this technology from any location. A WiFi signal must be at the filter location for these functionalities to function. Certain water softeners also come with comparable tracking functions.


Smart toilet

Regular toilets lack some features that smart toilets do, such as:

  • automatic sanitization
  • spill prevention
  • characteristics that save water
  • Integrated sensors that warn you of potential tank leaks
  • Self-deodorizer
  • a mechanism for immediate flushing during blackouts
  • Nightlight
  • Lid closes slowly
  • MP3 and Bluetooth capabilities
  • rubbing the bidet wash
  • a blowtorch
  • heated chairs
  • Warming shoe
  • Remote control for an automatic flush
  • cleaning capabilities

All smart toilets do not, however, offer every one of these features. Every bathroom will have a unique set of features. Regular toilets lack several advantages that smart toilets do. You can enjoy the luxury smart toilets offer based on your budget.

Additionally, they contain outstanding water-saving capabilities that standard toilets do not and overflow prevention, which lessens the possibility that a clogged toilet may result in a leak. However, it’s safe to assume that most people purchase a smart toilet primarily for convenience.

Leak detectors

The fourth most often searched technology, Leak detectors, notify you of a water leak in your home, much like smoke detectors do. These detectors are manually installed where leaks are most likely to happen, and they will notify you if one occurs. 

The brands of leak detectors that receive the most monthly searches are:

  • Samsung Smartthings
  • LeakSmart
  • Nest

Buying a leak detection device raises two significant issues. Flood damage is the first and most evident of these. People want to limit the damage because they worry a pipe might leak or burst. To establish a leak detection system, they want to. 

Second, the expense of leaky pipes is another issue that worries individuals. The water lost due to a faulty line can increase over time. People seek to find leaks as soon as they occur to prevent such costs.

Bluetooth showerhead

Shower heads with Bluetooth capabilities are essentially speakers for Bluetooth-enabled shower heads. By connecting to a mobile device, this smart shower lets you play music while taking a shower.

One of the more wealthy plumbing items is a Bluetooth shower head, if not the most. It has no other valuable functions except for the ability to play music while you shower.

Despite this, it still sees a lot of monthly search traffic, proving a big market for this kind of goods.

Greywater recycling system

A greywater system redirects water that has been gently used but hasn’t come into touch with feces or other waste to an irrigation or recycling system. In other words, water that you may have used to wash your dishes is then utilized a second time, either for irrigation or by being pushed through a recycling system that cleans the water. 

The volume of searches for particular greywater system brands could have been much higher. This suggests that consumers are looking with broader phrases rather than specific brand names and must be aware of greywater systems. 

Greywater searches have a reasonably clear purpose, at least on the surface. People desire to recycle water wherever it is possible. This relates to conserving water in drought and reducing the overall water cost. The amount of water consumed monthly can be greatly reduced thanks to a greywater system’s efficient water recycling.



The leading trends in the plumbing sector are driven by convenience and a desire to cut costs and protect the environment. If you operate in the plumbing industry, consider the trends discussed in this piece and utilize them to inform your corporate strategy.

You’ll be able to satisfy customer wants and outperform the competition if you keep up with current developments. 

You can get real-time information from your on-the-ground staff with SmartServ’s Smart Plumbing Solutions. Improve communication between management and the workers on the ground to streamline the operations of your plumbing company.

SmartServ’s Smart Plumbing Solutions Software is known to run well, making it more straightforward for your staff to adjust to the new integration in your current business ecosystem.

You can assess the state of your business and make necessary adjustments for the best possible growth by analyzing real-time data. 

Plumbers who are overworked and worn out frequently create dangerous circumstances. As your company’s earnings increase, strategically upgrade your tools while monitoring technician workloads.

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