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What is SmartCall?

SmartCall is a 21st-century cloud phone system for service call management. It is an independent call-booking product, which lets the users multiply their job bookings significantly. It automates and eases inbound and outbound service call management. Further, it allows users to work from anywhere without having to stay at the desk all the time. Also, it operates even if SmartServ software is not open in your system. Plus, users can record calls, track marketing campaigns, identify the performance of dispatchers, and more without any hassle. It helps the scaling businesses improve their operational efficiency and multi-fold the revenue with the best customer experience.

Incoming & Outgoing Calls

Incoming Call

  • Know who is calling with customer details, job history, maintenance agreements, and more through service call software.
  • Write notes, create tickets, navigate to another website, and still be on the call.
  • Attend calls without having SmartServ open on your PC.
  • Have all the notes saved in SmartServ without duplication of effort.

Outgoing Call

  • Make calls to your customers, technicians, equipment vendors through SmartCall service call management software.
  • After your ongoing call completes, you will get a pop-up to mark the status.
  • Dial calls without having SmartServ open on your PC.
  • SmartCall extension works independently. Thus, allowing you to dial calls easily.

Why do you need a Service Call Management Platform

Make the best first impressions

Know in advance who is calling and greet them by name for best first impressions.

Know it all

Get all the details in an instant without the need to go through past reports to verify details.

Book calls quickly

Get customer details like – name, address, service history, maintenance agreements, estimates, invoices. Plus, an auto-population feature to book calls quickly.

Work from anywhere

Users may attend calls from anywhere without the need to be on their desks.

Make management easy

Make outgoing calls to your technicians, customers, equipment vendors, and get a pop-up to mark the status for each call.

No dependency

Use SmartCall even when you do not have SmartServ open in your system.

Multitask like a pro

Users can pick up or dial calls while ordering equipment or browsing through the user profile with the floating dialer.

Nothing stops you

Users can write notes, create tickets, navigate to another website, and the call will still be on!

Track marketing campaigns

Track which campaign is working the best for you and what is getting the business most calls.

Record all calls

Users can record all calls with SmartCall and hear them whenever they wish to.

Identify top performers

Know which dispatcher is booking most jobs for you and not just forwarding the calls.

Testimonial Everest Drain & Plumbing
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“Overall service is best and helps me and my Tech a lot to fix small issues and confusion. Customer Support is Excellent. No Delay in integration with other platforms. Also, easy to create invoices and receive payment on-field job. Simple and Easy User Interface to work on a daily basis.”

Nisham, Everest Drain & Plumbing, Ontario, Canada

Industries we serve

Companies need the right tools in the office. Give your CSRs and office managers the tool to quickly pull up service history when customers call.Easily identify which customers are up to date with their balances and who needs a reminder.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, we are always here to answer them.

Most field service businesses have at least five call numbers. It is crucial to manage and attend every call, which is your prospective or existing customer. Each call lost equals lost revenue. Therefore, a call dispatch software or a service call management software is essential.

With features beyond the usual phone system, the SmartCall service call management platform helps field service contractors scale their business. It enables users to identify their dispatcher’s performance, know which marketing campaign is working the best, record calls for future use, and have all the customer details available instantly.

Call dispatch software helps manage multiple customer calls at once. Also, Service call management software allows users to greet customers and make a positive impression within few seconds. With all the details available at your fingertips, call dispatch software speeds up the scheduling process. Overall, it not only helps book more jobs but enhances the customer experience.

A service call management software allows users to record all calls for later use. It enables users to listen to the calls, review interaction and behavior, decide if a lead is qualified, monitor conversation tone, and improve the pitch. It also provides insights into incoming calls and service requests. Moreover, the dispatcher or CSRs can go back and listen to any call at any time for free.

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