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Water treatment software to increase revenue by automation

  • Integrate office and fieldwork
  • Manage revenue and taxes
  • Track techs and jobs
  • Get Quickbook synced
  • Effortless invoicing and scheduling
  • Manage service agreement easily
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Scheduling and Dispatching

  • Assign jobs anytime without overbooking
  • Get instant notifications and updates on web and mobile 
  • Access details like billing address, service history
  • Ease back-office and techs communication
  • Manage unassigned jobs in a separate section

Mobile Application

  • Increase productivity with android and iOS app
  • Connect field techs with back-office
  • Techs can access customer details
  • Techs can upload media and create notes
  • Mobile app operates even in offline mode

Job tracking

  • Track job status, technician status, work hours, location 
  • Track the live location of your tech with maps
  • Check work, break and travel hours with  time cards
  • Manage accurate payroll with synced timesheets 

Quickbooks integration

  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online and Desktop.
  • Effective payroll management with automatic timesheets and QuickBooks sync
  • Avoid double entry and accounting mistakes
  • Syncs payments in real-time
  • All data from QuickBooks is transferred over by our team

Get a dedicated account manager

Live Customer Support

  • An onboarding process that’s adaptable to your team’s schedule.
  • We understand your need for really patient training. 

  • We adapt, do one-to-one training adjusting to your technicians’ schedule. 

  • We took a master electrician from using a flip phone to using the SmartServ mobile app. 

Invoices and Estimates

  • Send estimates and invoices through SMS or email
  • Customers can approve or reject estimates
  • Customers can pay with link attached to invoices
  • Track the delivery and opening of invoice emails
  • Mention service agreements on invoices

Electronic forms and reports

  • Get insights from a graphical representation of revenue trends.
  • Keep a track of estimates that couldn’t be converted into an invoice
  • Manage taxes and customer dues
  • Customize electronic forms
  • Take digital customer signatures
  • Include forms in invoice

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, we are always here to answer them.

Water treatment software boosts your business efficiency by automating daily tasks like scheduling, dispatching, estimating, invoicing, and more so that you can focus on other crucial things. A user-friendly field service mobile app would help the techs on-field and users in the back office to communicate effectively. The water treatment software would help to track and analyze business performance to boost profitability. Get your field service management software to streamline operations and grow significantly.

SmartServ field service management software provides an interactive dashboard to track job status, technician status, work hours, location, and more with a click. With the Maps, you can track the live location of your tech right from the office. The digital time cards feature allows techs to clock in and out from anywhere. Thus, the dashboard captures work hours, break time, and travel hours too. Not only it helps in tracking the technicians but managing accurate payroll too. Moreover, with the field service mobile app, techs can communicate efficiently with the back office. Technicians can upload and share media and notes even in offline mode.

Water treatment service software helps to eliminate redundant tasks and focus on activities that generate more revenue. The saved time helps to attend to more customers and book more assignments. The regular business reports track the business performance, which helps to improve each area. Moreover, field service management software might enhance your customer experience significantly!

With SmartServ, make use of water treatment services software to decrease manual work by automating your operations, like digitized time cards leading to quick payroll management, auto-generated business reports, smooth estimating and invoicing, etc. Plus, no more double-entry with direct QuickBooks integration. With the interactive dashboard, like that of SmartServ, schedule jobs, track job status, monitor work hours, reschedule, and more with just a click. Work from anywhere with the convenient field service mobile app and access information on the go. The features like on-field invoicing and picture-based price books boost efficiency and impress the customers too. For water treatment services, SmartServ also provides detailed reports regarding productivity, accounting, and operations to keep the business on track at all times. Bonus: with live customer support at all hours of the day, get all of your queries resolved at the earliest.

Overall, SmartServ is a cost-effective field service management software for water treatment services, and it is customizable to your management needs. Unlike most field service management software companies, SmartServ offers 24/7 customer support with all the essential features to automate your business operations. With our one-stop platform, save 20+ hours every week.

Yes. Our field service management software offers customer support anytime and anywhere throughout the day. A dedicated account manager stays in touch with each water treatment company for any queries. SmartServ also provides granular and custom reports and weekly review sessions as per need. Need assistance? SmartServ’s a call away!

Yes. SmartServ provides a water treatment service app compatible with both Android and Apple iOS users.

The techs on the field can access all customer details like work history, billing details, and more on the go. The techs can send voice commands for notes and access custom templates available for estimates and invoicing.

Weak internet network? No worries because the SmartServ app operates even in offline mode! And the best part, it is user-friendly and connects field techs with back-office in real-time without interruptions.

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