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Locksmith software

Best locksmith software for scheduling and dispatch

  • QuickBooks integration
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Customer management
  • Sync to Quickbook
  • Service agreements with customers
  • Picture based pricebook

Electrical Contractor Software

Grow Your Electrical Contractor Business

SmartServ is an all-in-one Electrical Contractor Software 

  • Auto Schedule Multi Tech to month long jobs. 

  • Make data-driven decisions with custom reports.

  • Real-Time Auto-sync QuickBooks

  • Complete a 30 Minute Task in 30 Seconds

  • Make service agreements with customers
“SmartServ customer support during and after implementation was the most valuable. SmartServ flexibility and ability to customize some of the features to our specific needs."
A & B Electric LLC

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“I chose SmartServ because they offer 24-hour support, which not a lot of other programs offer. “

Neill McDonald
Owner at McDonald Electrical Services

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“The software is very user-friendly and compatible with every device, from web browser to mobile application.”

Nisham Bohra,
E-Business Manager at Everest Drain and Plumbing
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“Absolutely recommend Smartserv to any other contractor looking for a good reliable dispatch system.”

Don Jones,
Owner at Controlled Hydronics, Colorado

All in one Software built with help of 100+ Master electricians

  • Auto Schedule multiple techs for several weeks long with incremental billing.
  • Create multiple phase-wise invoices and estimates  for ongoing projects as a part of a single work order.
  • To prevent overbooking in long term projects, track assignments, job status, technician status and completed jobs on one screen.
  • Technicians can add reminders in notes from field mobile app if they have exhausted any conduits (spare parts) for the back office team.
  • You can track techs and their jobs easily with dashboards. 

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  • Access 100+ customizable templates for estimates, including good-better-best options, picture price book.
  • Enable or disable on-field invoicing on the mobile app.
  • Make invoices from the office as well as the field.
  • Manage taxes easily.
  • Create a catalogue with a combination of product descriptions and photographs using picture based price book.
  • Convert Estimates to Invoices once approved by customers.
  • Share invoices via email or SMS with a link to get online payment. 

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SmartServ Invoiceinvoice and estimates by smartserv

  • Sync all your data directly to QuickBooks without a single data entry, including customer information (bi-directional), invoices, Timecards, payments in-flows and out-flows, flat rate, and equipment (bi-directional).
  • Integrate your SmartServ electrical software with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Avoid double-entry, manual work, and chances of error through direct data sync to QuickBooks.

  • Manage payroll swiftly with accurate data automatically transferring to your QuickBooks account.

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auto-sync QuickBooks Integration

  • Let your technicians clock in and clock out from anywhere.

  • Back office managers can track work hours, break time, driving hours, location, and more on the SmartServ dashboard.

  • All tech data auto syncs with your QuickBooks Payroll system without a single click. Manage payroll without the need for TSheets.  

  • Easily customize or add a new payroll form in time cards.

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Time Cards

  • Call Booking feature lets you manage numerous calls at once within the CSRs.
  • Greet the customer by name with pre-populated details.
  • You can record all the incoming calls in case you want to review them someday.
  • Ask the right questions based on the customer service history & location.

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Service Call Booking software

  1. Automated scheduling

  2. Drag & Drop Interface

  3. Service Agreements

  4. Customer Service History

  5. Customizable Reports

  6. Digital Signature

  7. Customizable Forms & Checklist

  8. Equipment Tracking

  9. Mobile Integration

  10. Mobile Payment

  11. Map Enablement

  12. QB Online & Desktop Integration

Locksmith scheduling & dispatch software

Business Reports at the Click of a Button

Picture Notes

locksmith invoices software

Locksmith software with quickbooks

Define Your Own Workflows

Configurable Locksmith Business Software

With 100+ different configurable settings, you can define custom workflows for your operations. 

Custom job types, line items, checklists, forms to user access, you can configure it all.

Example: You can show your technician next job once he finishes his current one. Enable or disable invoicing, scheduling on field, define custom user roles and restrictions,  

Frequently asked questions

Locksmith Software is a website or mobile application that helps streamline your business processes. It gives a platform to carry out daily tasks like scheduling, invoicing quickly, and dispatching. You can also track job and locksmith technician performance using the locksmith management software. 


With locksmith scheduling software, you can reduce the paperwork in your daily task and digitalize your workflow. You can create invoices and can schedule your technicians with maximum time utilization using locksmith scheduling software. You can eliminate tedious paperwork and focus on revenue-generating activities to boost your sales.


SmartServ has a Locksmith mobile app where locksmith technicians can see their job details. They can also create notes in the field with the mobile app, and communicate with the back office.

Yes, SmartServ is rated high for its user-friendly, easy-to-use interface. Locksmith business owners, office workers, and technicians can quickly learn to use locksmith business software with SmartServ’s onboarding team.

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