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Plumber Salary Per Hour, City and by State

Plumber Salary Per Hour, City and by State

There is a need for a plumber wherever there are sinks, toilets, pipes, heating and air conditioning equipment. The professionalism of plumbing technicians has elevated since franchises started providing training, marketing and management tools.
Franchising has resulted in better visibility and consistency in the plumbing business.
How has this impacted the earnings of a plumber in the United States? Their experience in the industry, seniority, the state, and the type of plumbing services they provide determines their salary. If you are starting in this industry anew, you need to know the lay of the land. Understanding the different types of plumbers can help you decide what kind of plumber you want.

This blog will explore basic questions like, Do plumbers make good money? How much does a Plumber make in the United States? What are the plumber salaries across the US? Which states get paid the most?

Average Plumbers Salary

Answering the popular question, Do plumbers make good money in America?
. As an apprentice, you shouldn’t be too concerned about your pay. The employer pays a salary and invests significant time and money in the employee’s training. The goal is to obtain a plumbing license which will bring you more freedom in the workplace and a higher income.
After a few years of plumbing experience, you should be able to earn the typical plumber pay in your state and locality.
Master plumbers are the most liberal in their profession and have the maximum earning potential compared to apprentices and journeymen. Some master plumbers can expect to make well over $100,000.

Average Plumber Salary Per Hour

The average hourly rate for plumbers across the United States is $29.33. Expected wages vary depending on your experience level, your specific industry, the demand for plumbers in your area, and your state’s average pay rate.
Alaska is the state with the highest average hourly wage. The average hourly rate for plumbing jobs there is $91.30.
On the other hand, according to job listings, Arkansas has the lowest average hourly pay, with annual compensation of $39,600.

Master Plumbers Salaries

Those with more experience and credentials earn higher pay. To become a master plumber, a few things to check off, like completing a plumbing apprenticeship program through a trade school. The four-year programs include classroom and on-the-job training, but their requirements may vary from state to state. Next comes the job as a journeyman, which you need to hold for two to three years. Depending on state requirements, you can become a master plumber after passing a state-sanctioned exam.
According to the data, the national median wage for a senior-level master plumber is $62,553 per year.
The salary can vary for a master or a union plumber. In Alaska, a 10th percentile senior plumber earns $52,300, while a 90th percentile senior plumber gets $81,200. The range in Arkansas is $41,100 to $63,700.
At the 50th percentile, a senior plumber in New York City earns $69,600. A plumber in the same circumstance in Atlanta earns $60,800.

Five different types of Plumbers and their salary

a.Commercial Plumber

These plumbers work in commercial plumbing situations like schools, hospitals, colleges, and manufacturing plants. Commercial plumbers are licensed and specialise in working with industrial equipment. They can install, maintain, and repair tanks and pipes.
Commercial plumbers are skilled in working with vast numbers of outlets and pipes and on many floors. Business plumbers can deal with various issues and must stay current on commercial plumbing codes.

The majority of Commercial Plumber salary ranges between $42,000 to $54,000 and $27.50 per hour. In comparison, top earners make $62,000 annually across the United States.

b.Service and Repair Plumber

Plumbers specialising in service and repair work on plumbing systems in residential and commercial settings are known as service and repair plumbers. These plumbers acquire experience through both technical and on-the-job training. Fixing leaks, regulating low pressure, removing blockages, and cleaning plumbing systems and fixtures are everyday tasks for a service and repair plumber.

The average annual pay for a Service Plumber in the United States is $68,250 and $35 per hour.

c.Residential Plumber

Plumbers specialising in residential plumbing issues like installing, maintaining and repairing plumbing fixtures are called residential plumbers. Their work includes installing pipe systems, doing small-scale plumbing jobs, and repairing residential plumbing systems. They can usually resolve any plumbing difficulties that arise in a home.
Working as an apprentice under a more experienced plumber is common for a residential plumber to gain experience and skill.

The average Residential Plumber makes $72,813 in the United States. The average hourly pay for a Residential Plumber is $37.34. The average entry-level Residential Plumber salary is $29,000.

d.Sanitary Plumber

A plumbing expert specialising in sanitary techniques and everyday tasks include unblocking and cleaning sanitary systems jams, installing toilet and bathroom pipes, fitting suspended drains, and managing plumbing installations. Sanitary plumbers can also install water heating systems and boilers in showers and toilets.

On average, a sanitary plumber can earn from $56,000 to $75,000 per year.

e.Water supply Plumber

Plumbers who operate with water supply systems such as water tanks, kitchens, bathrooms, overhead storage tanks, and pipes are water supply plumbers. Installing various water supply systems in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms and fitting surplus pipes and sanitation systems are all everyday tasks for water supply plumbers.

Cities with Highest Plumbing Hourly Wages

Looking at the range of salaries in all states can give us a high and low benchmark for the salary plumbers can expect to earn based on their location. You can also view the extensive information here.

  1. Plumber salary in San Diego, California- $30.25 per hour
  2. Plumber salary in Denver, Colorado- $30.9 per hour
  3. Plumber salary in Houston, Texas- $28.91 per hour
  4. Plumber salary in Phoenix, Arizona- $28.84 per hour
  5. Plumber salary in Union, New Jersey- $28.17 per hour
  6. Plumber salary in Tampa, Florida- $28.06 per hour
  7. Plumber salary in Colorado Springs, Colorado- $27.98 per hour
  8. Plumber salary in Las Vegas, Nevada- $27.85 per hour
  9. Plumber salary in San Antonio, Texas- $27.49 per hour

Numerous states have an average lowest hourly wage of $7.25/hour (the minimum wage base salary). Hawaii has the highest average hourly wage at $81.85/hour.

The image below can provide a comprehensive view of the states where plumbers earn more than the national average.

Top Plumber Salaries across US states

If you are a newcomer to the plumbing industry, you will have questions like, which states do plumbers get paid the most? How much does the top 10th per cent of plumbers earn? And more.
So here are five states that pay the highest mean salaries a year for the plumbing services in the United States are:

  1. Plumber salary in Alaska $88,150
  2. Plumber salary in Illinois $87,880
  3. Plumber salary in Massachusetts $80,860
  4. Plumber salary in Minnesota $76,080
  5. Plumber salary in New Jersey $75,840

In Los Angeles, California, plumbers earn 13.9% more than the national average. These job titles also find higher than average salaries in New York, New York (13.4% more) and San Diego, California (12.2% more).

Orlando, Florida (8.5% less) and Dallas, Texas found the lowest salaries, 8.5% less and 6.2% less.

The top 10th percentile of plumbers can earn up to $99,900 annually.

Payscale by seniority in the industry

The majority of Senior Plumber salaries currently range between $44,000 (25th percentile) to $83,500 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $106,000 annually across the United States.

Their per hour rate is nearly $37.5.

Ways to increase your salary

1. Increase your level of experience

The more experience you have, the more you’ll likely get paid like a plumber. Starting plumbers typically make around $20,000 to $40,000 less per year than those with ten or more years of experience.

2. Switch industries

The industry in which a plumber works can significantly impact how much money they make in a year. Plumbers in the construction industry, for example, typically earn more than those in the hotel or manufacturing industries.

3. Switch companies

A plumber’s pay is also determined by where they work. By researching plumbing jobs and the typical wage of plumbers at each organization, you can make more money as a plumber.

4. Move to a different location.

Using the data given above on plumber salary in the United States, you can try your trade skills in different cities or states where you can earn more as a plumber.

5. Attaining higher degrees

You can choose to pursue other plumbing degrees once you’ve gained enough plumbing experience. A Master’s degree requires you to possess a license as a journeyman, work as a journeyman plumber for two to five years and then take the state exam for the master plumber certification. Master plumbers can work as project managers or open plumbing businesses, substantially increasing their earnings.

6. Acquire an aptitude for sales

Recognising opportunities and capitalising on them increases revenue for companies and earning potential for technicians. You would have to adopt a friendly, personable, and persuasive attitude.

Related jobs with the same or more pay

Commercial diver salary $60K
Marine electrician salary $77K
Surveyor Salary $62K
Building inspector salary $62K
Crane operator salary $62K
Pipefitter salary $60K

The plumbing industry is booming and could prove profitable for a business or a plumbing career. This information can be helpful if you are looking to start your plumbing apprenticeship and need an overview of apprenticeship plumber salaries, competitive salaries or determining the wages you should expect as you further your career.
For someone in the industry for a long time and familiar with plumbing service management software, this data can be an additional source of information to keep you up to date with the numbers today.

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