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Housecall Pro Alternative with Live Support and Offline availability

Quality field service management is becoming increasingly essential and dedicated software such as Housecall Pro can handle it. Today’s virtual market can provide you with all the integrations and services your organization may require, thanks to substantial technological breakthroughs. However, expecting a single vendor to meet all of your business’s requirements may be unrealistic. 

Housecall Pro is a highly simplified and efficient field service management software. It is well-known for supporting firms in acquiring detailed reports to make informed decisions. But it would be best if you didn’t have to settle for these standards. 

Housecall pro vs smartserv


Housecall Pro has several drawbacks, including poor customer service, offline unavailability, limited tracking features, and no real-time tracking

This prevents your company from realizing the full potential of robust field service software.

Although Housecall Pro offers excellent service management, project scheduling, and workforce dispatching, it needs several features that might help you choose the best field service solution for your company. 

And so, we have researched and provided information in this article on the most acceptable Housecall Pro alternatives, which will help you avoid the drawbacks that come with Housecall Pro and assist you in transforming your service business. One of these is SmartServ, a feature-rich alternative to Housecall Pro with 24/7 customer support and offline availability.

About Housecall Pro

It is a full-service application that allows service professionals to conduct their entire business from their smartphones and an online companion page. The program assists service providers with all parts of their workflow, such as QuickBooks Desktop and Online connection, job scheduling, customer database, invoicing and payment processing, technician dispatch, and much more. It also has access to the Housecall Pro-consumer booking app. It can assist tiny firms in quickly transferring and importing their existing client database.


Their product pricing starts at $49/per month (billed annually) for the Basic Plan per user. The Essential Plan for a maximum of 5 people is priced at $129/per month (billed annually). Lastly, their Max Plan costs $279/per month (billing annually) for a maximum of 8 users.

Get better Customer Service and Offline Availability with SmartServ

While both Housecall Pro and SmartServ have excellent baseline features, there are some differences and variations among the capabilities they provide. SmartServ has received good marks for its ease of use and productive, valuable features, according to reviews and market research.

Look at this comparison of the features provided by SmartServ and Housecall Pro for a clearer picture.



Housecall Pro

24/7 customer suppor

KPI Tracking


Offline Access


Customizable Fields


Forms Management


Document Storage




Add/Edit Photos


Assisted Account Manager


In-Vehicle Navigation


Incident-Response checklist


Repair Estimates


Work Order Creation


Task Scheduling


Invoice Processing


Housecall Pro Alternatives you Need

1. SmartServ

SmartServ is the best Housecall Pro replacement for solving all of the problems related to Housecall Pro. The software is renowned for its user-friendly design, in addition to its great functionality and customer support. As a result, the switch to SmartServ will be straightforward. It has a robust reporting system that allows you to extract data with a few clicks and receive in-depth insights for making good decisions. The field service management software provides excellent back-end support to help you avoid and remove hurdles to a smooth business operation. SmartServ is one of the most economical tools available, which sets it apart.

SmartServ’s standard features include

Regardless of industry or scale, you may utilize the software to scale your business, and achieve your objectives. It has a powerful dashboard that allows you to manage your service workforce’s schedule and monitor the situation. You’ll be able to build and manage customer connections, send invoices, automate schedules, handle payments, and generate detailed reports in no time. You can eliminate obstructions to the productive and effective workflow by establishing a continuous communication line between your on-the-ground workforce and management.

Housecall Pro Alternatives

2. Service Fusion

ne of Housecall Pro’s alternatives is Service Fusion which can assist you in converting your customers’ account information records into digital formats. It can give you control over customer administration, scheduling, invoicing, customer payment reminders, and reporting.

You can manage your workforce’s tasks to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency. It can assist you in providing the best customer experience to your clients while ensuring that your workers enjoy working for your company.

It provides calendar sync, inventory management, GPS fleet tracking, and third-party connectors to help you provide a premium service experience to your clients while standing out from the crowd.

3. Workiz

Workiz is an alternative to Housecall Pro for small to medium-sized field service organizations. The field service management software’s scheduling, invoicing, estimating, and payment process functions help streamline the company.

HVAC, carpet, plumbing, electrical, locksmith, rubbish disposal, and garage services are among its specialties. The program aids in the handling of critical duties like reporting, online booking, and quote management.

Furthermore, the booking widget is in real-time sync with the calendar. It also assists you in rapidly finding the client using its CRM and notifies you if you have placed a duplicate entry that matches the previous entry.

4. Calendly

Calendly is an easy-to-use intelligent work management software that can help you find new business prospects in your service industry and enhance your company’s revenue.

You may improve business efficiency and production by utilizing advanced software features such as QuickBooks integration, GPS tracking, task dispatching, mobile access, scheduling, and built-in reporting.

The user-friendly UI/UX might help you avoid the frustration of using complex software for the first time. You don’t need any prior technical knowledge to utilize the software and get the best outcomes for your organization.

The field service management software simplifies scheduling and enhances the quality of on-demand service operations.

Amazing Features you get with SmartServ

You need reasons and objectives to show that SmartServ has exceptional usability and an advantage over the advanced features they supply at reasonable, low pricing, just as scientists do.

Some of SmartServ’s most prized qualities and traits are listed below.

Excellent Onboarding and customer service that never lets you down

You will experience great customer service right from the onboarding period. What makes the experience with SmartServ pleasing is a dedicated account manager. An account manager to deal with all your questions and queries, and requirements, who serves as your single point of contact and can communicate on behalf of SmartServ.

You don’t need to speak to a different representative each time you contact SmartServ.With a dedicated account manager, you can easily contact your account manager anytime you need through text, calls, or emails. This will speed up your daily work and keep your team active.

No need to pay extra: SmartServ is Customizable

SmartServ offers customizable pricing for customers. You will receive a customizable quote as per your company size and requirements So you won’t pay a penny extra more than you need.

Offline Estimates and Invoices

While your smartphone is offline, you can produce estimates and invoices and save them.

Monitor Performance Metrics

SmartServ provides the tools and techniques used by enterprises to monitor performance KPIs. Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) includes gathering extensive information and converting it into valuable metrics that can be tracked and reported in easily digestible charts and dashboards. You can track and analyze the performance indicators of your team and technicians with our KPI tracking feature.

You will be allocated an Account Manager and receive excellent Onboarding and Client Service.

SmartServ will give you a great onboarding experience and excellent customer support and service. When you contact SmartServ, you won’t have to deal with a different agent every time; instead, you may reach out to your dedicated account manager through text, phone, or email anytime you need them.

This can help you do your everyday activities faster while keeping your personnel interested. A professional account manager adds to SmartServ’s knowledge. An account manager will handle all your inquiries, queries, and requests, serving as your single point of contact and interacting on behalf of SmartServ.

Maintain your QuickBooks connection.

One of the best QuickBooks software connections is SmartServ. Forget about it. You can get all of your data imported to QuickBooks quickly to avoid tedious labor and error-prone methods.

You will not need to adjust your financial activity or configure SmartSev after purchasing it. You may continue to utilize QuickBooks for your organization with confidence because of SmartServ’s straightforward syncing.

Get access to features even when you're not connected to the internet.

If your technician visits a service location with a poor internet connection, they can still use all of SmartServ’s critical field functions, such as

Estimated invoices and invoice creation

Estimates are being updated, both synchronized and not.

The time cards are currently being updated.

A cost-effective way to obtain unique features.

SmartServ strives to cater to all parts of a business and to provide you with tools that will assist you in successfully managing your work processes.

Standard and premium features are available at a reasonable and cheap price. They will also provide you with free consultation services.

The complete list of features may be seen here.


Given these benefits, you can see why you should opt for a Housecall Pro Alternative to assure streamlined procedures, growth, and revenue increase. SmartServ is the way to go if you want more outstanding features, good support, and an easy-to-use interface.

SmartServ is distinguished in terms of features and price.

It can help you increase the effectiveness of your service organization and lock in more revenue to meet your objectives.

You may review all of the features here, or you can arrange a free demo and receive a free trial to discover how it can help your business.

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